LG Electronics patents granted on 16 April 2013

47 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D680,138 Refrigerator
2 D680,106 Stand for television receiver
3 D680,096 Speaker for home theater
4 D680,091 Television receiver
5 D680,089 TV receiver
6 8,423,904 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
7 8,423,858 Method for effectively transmitting control signal in wireless communication system
8 8,423,281 Apparatus and method for providing travel route in navigation system
9 8,423,089 Mobile terminal and method for controlling operation of the same
10 8,423,087 Mobile terminal with touch screen and method of processing message using the same
11 8,423,078 Dual-mode mobile terminal in a wireless communication system
12 8,423,076 User interface for a mobile device
13 8,423,054 Method and apparatus of operating in idle mode in wireless communication system
14 8,423,049 Mobile communication terminal and method of controlling volume thereof
15 8,423,044 Method for allocating physical hybrid automatic repeat request indicator channel
16 8,422,688 Method and an apparatus of decoding an audio signal
17 8,422,576 Apparatus and method for receiving signals in multi-carrier multiple access systems
18 8,422,556 Method of deriving a motion vector of a bi-predictive block based on a motion vector of a co-located block in a reference picture
19 8,422,551 Method and apparatus for managing a reference picture
20 8,422,510 Method for signaling back-off information in random access
21 8,422,509 Method for processing a web service in an NRT service and a broadcast receiver
22 8,422,505 Method for processing MAC protocol data unit in a wireless communication system
23 8,422,494 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
24 8,422,454 Method of transmitting and receiving uplink data using transmission of profile indexes
25 8,422,451 Random access method and signaling method for the same
26 8,422,445 Method for transmitting pilot allocation information to user equipment in a multi-user multiple input multiple output system
27 8,422,427 Method for transmitting and receiving signals based on segmented access scheme and method for allocating sequence for the same
28 8,422,416 Updating method and apparatus of sleep mode operation
29 8,422,410 Data transmission method and user equipment for the same
30 8,422,393 Method for transmitting channel quality information based on differential scheme
31 8,422,385 Control method for uplink connecting of idle terminal
32 8,422,372 Method of channel resource allocation and devices in wireless networks
33 8,421,913 Mobile terminal
34 8,421,370 Apparatus for driving a light emitting diode
35 8,420,927 Solar cell, method of manufacturing the same, and solar cell module
36 8,419,394 Hermetic compressor including a backflow preventing portion and refrigeration cycle device having the same
37 8,419,389 Reciprocating compressor
38 8,419,380 Hermetic compressor
39 8,419,286 Hermetic compressor
40 8,419,182 Glasses
41 8,419,143 Structure for modifying height of shelf and refrigerator having the same
42 8,418,511 Drain structure for laundry treating device
43 8,418,509 Laundry treating machine
44 8,418,497 Refrigerator
45 8,418,496 Refrigerator
46 8,418,488 Method for controlling of refrigerator
47 8,418,417 Photovoltaic module