LG Electronics patents granted on 16 August 2011

33 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE42,620 Apparatus and method for downloading and storing data from a digital receiver
2 RE42,616 Method for controlling display mode in portable computer
3 D643,392 PDP television receiver
4 8,001,572 Digital broadcasting receiver and method for controlling the same
5 8,001,264 Method for suspending and resuming content transmission/reception
6 8,001,164 Method for providing file information in portable device
7 8,001,150 Device management method using nodes having additional attribute and device management client thereof
8 8,000,959 Formants extracting method combining spectral peak picking and roots extraction
9 8,000,738 Mobile terminal with leakage current prevention
10 8,000,711 Procedure for non synchronized radio access (NSRA) resource assignment
11 8,000,706 Method of reselecting a cell based on priorities
12 8,000,579 Recording medium, method and apparatus for providing management information
13 8,000,401 Signal generation using phase-shift based pre-coding
14 8,000,311 Method for branching data in mobile communication terminal
15 8,000,258 Method of transmitting data in multiple antenna system
16 8,000,257 Method of providing point-to-multipoint service in mobile communication system
17 8,000,246 Method and device for requesting permission to send media, and method and device for controlling push-to service
18 7,999,767 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
19 7,999,765 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
20 7,999,764 Plasma display apparatus
21 7,999,763 Plasma display apparatus
22 7,999,762 Plasma display apparatus having overlapping voltages applied to sustain electrodes and driving method of the same
23 7,999,761 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
24 7,999,472 Plasma display panel
25 7,999,468 Display device having sealant and bezel area
26 7,998,280 Method of controlling dishwasher and dishwasher
27 7,998,234 Vacuum cleaner with removable dust collector, and methods of operating the same
28 7,997,668 Refrigerator and assembling method thereof
29 7,997,506 Air conditioning system
30 7,997,452 Refrigerator related technology
31 7,997,328 Air conditioner
32 7,997,103 Tub having structurally strengthened rear wall and washing machine with the same therein
33 7,997,006 Laundry machine and control method thereof