LG Electronics patents granted on 16 December 2014

34 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D719,572 Head mounted display device
2 D719,555 Television receiver
3 D719,554 Television receiver
4 D719,539 Television receiver
5 D719,538 Television receiver
6 8,914,830 Digital broadcasting receiver and method for controlling the same
7 8,914,732 Displaying home screen profiles on a mobile terminal
8 8,914,462 Terminal and controlling method thereof
9 8,914,133 Power management system and method of controlling network system
10 8,914,071 Mobile communication terminal and operation method thereof
11 8,914,064 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
12 8,914,063 Mobile terminal equipped with mode setting key and method of controlling the mobile terminal
13 8,914,058 Method for controlling transmit power of user equipment in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
14 8,913,954 Mobile terminal and method of transmitting information using the same
15 8,913,684 Method for transmitting sounding reference signal in MIMO wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
16 8,913,657 Virtual view image synthesis method and apparatus
17 8,913,608 Wireless device and method of transmitting uplink data and buffer status reports in a wireless communications system
18 8,913,581 Method for transmitting reference signals in a downlink multiple input multiple output system
19 8,913,578 Method and apparatus for transmitting aperiodic sounding reference signals in a wireless communication system
20 8,913,577 Method and apparatus for a station to operate within WLAN system
21 8,913,548 Method of control information for supporting relay system
22 8,913,547 Method for pairing terminals using dummy data
23 8,913,539 Method and apparatus for updating multicast and broadcast service system information in a wireless access system
24 8,913,538 Method of receiving multimedia broadcast/multicast service in cell-based wireless communication system
25 8,913,531 Method for transmitting sub-frame designation information to a downlink in a radio communication system
26 8,913,477 Method of allocating resources for transmitting uplink signal in MIMO wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
27 8,913,326 Zoom lens assembly and mobile terminal that includes a zoom lens assembly
28 8,913,176 Mobile terminal and method of performing multi-focusing and photographing image including plurality of objects using the same
29 8,912,556 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
30 8,912,035 Solar cell and fabricating method thereof
31 8,911,160 Light emitting device package and backlight unit using the same
32 8,911,041 Water-filter mounting structure for refrigerator
33 8,911,040 Refrigerator
34 8,910,335 Washing machine and method of controlling washing machine