LG Electronics patents granted on 16 February 2016

58 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D749,807 Washing machine
2 D749,804 Washing machine
3 D749,619 Display panel with graphical user interface
4 D749,569 Mobile phone
5 D749,540 Cellular phone
6 D749,537 Mobile phone
7 D749,535 Mobile phone
8 9,265,087 Method for user equipment setting security with network in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
9 9,265,078 Method for performing device-to-device communication in wireless access system and apparatus therefor
10 9,265,070 Method for detecting failures of random access procedures
11 9,265,069 Method of performing a random access process and wireless device using same
12 9,265,061 Method for transmitting buffer status report from terminal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
13 9,265,038 Method for transmitting uplink signal to minimize spurious emission and user equipment thereof
14 9,265,033 Method for receiving downlink signal and method for transmitting same, and device for receiving same and device for transmitting same
15 9,265,018 Method and apparatus for managing uplink time alignment
16 9,265,008 Method for controlling uplink transmission power in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
17 9,264,994 Method and device for performing communication in a wireless communication system
18 9,264,993 Method for saving power of a femto base station using sleep period synchronization
19 9,264,984 Method and apparatus for transreceiving data in radio access system supporting multi-rat
20 9,264,981 Scanning method in wireless system
21 9,264,978 Apparatus and method for transmiting and receiving system information in a wireless communication system
22 9,264,964 Traffic offload via local network based on APN-specific or non-APN-specific information
23 9,264,956 Method and device for handover in mobile communication system
24 9,264,953 Mobile communication system and method for processing handover procedure thereof
25 9,264,931 Method and device for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system
26 9,264,929 Apparatus and method of reporting logged measurements in a wireless communication system
27 9,264,918 Resource allocation method and device in multi-node system
28 9,264,915 Method and device for setting channel status information measuring resource in a wireless communication system
29 9,264,908 Method and apparatus for dynamic frequency selection in wireless local area network system
30 9,264,759 Method for transmitting and receiving broadcast signals, and broadcast reception device using said method
31 9,264,739 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding image information
32 9,264,734 Method and apparatus for processing video signal
33 9,264,530 Method and apparatus for managing message history data for a mobile communication device
34 9,264,528 Mobile terminal, image display device mounted on vehicle and data processing method using the same
35 9,264,476 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
36 9,264,271 Wireless communication system using pilot subcarrier allocation
37 9,264,262 Method and apparatus for transmitting aperiodic sounding reference signal in wireless communication system
38 9,264,210 Method for user equipment transreceiving signal in wireless communication system
39 9,264,206 Signal transmission and reception method using random beamforming in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
40 9,264,204 Method and apparatus for inter-cell interference coordination for transmission point group
41 9,264,200 Method and apparatus for transmitting a reference signal in a multi-antenna system
42 9,264,196 Reference signal transmission method for downlink multiple input multiple output system
43 9,264,195 Downlink signal transceiving method and device, in wireless communication system, taking into account antenna port relationship
44 9,264,165 Method and apparatus for transmitting message in a mobile communication system
45 9,264,160 Method of transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
46 9,264,153 Method and apparatus for cancelling self-interference signal between transmission antenna and reception antenna
47 9,264,115 Wireless communication system for high-speed moving object that moves along fixed route
48 9,263,858 Ionizer
49 9,262,867 Mobile terminal and method of operation
50 9,262,605 Mobile terminal and control method for the same
51 9,262,059 Optimization of application execution based on length of pulled out flexible display screen
52 9,262,006 Mobile terminal
53 9,261,994 Mobile terminal
54 9,261,955 Wearable device and method of controlling therefor
55 9,261,088 Linear compressor
56 9,260,814 Washing machine with weight sensing unit
57 9,260,812 Laundry machine
58 9,259,760 Method for coating oxidation protective layer for carbon/carbon composite, carbon heater, and cooker