LG Electronics patents granted on 16 June 2009

11 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE40,742 Method and apparatus of composing menu for users
2 RE40,732 Method for controlling washing during spinning in tilt-type washing machine for attenuation of vibration
3 D594,433 Mobile phone
4 7,549,155 Digital television receiver and method of processing rating region table (RRT) including an extended version number field
5 7,548,755 Method and apparatus for converting SMS message into MMS compliant image file in mobile communications
6 7,548,613 Method of transmitting one text message to many receivers
7 7,547,994 Apparatus and method for managing power of mobile terminal
8 7,547,862 Electric oven
9 7,547,340 Dust collecting unit of vacuum cleaner
10 7,547,197 Driving controlling apparatus for linear compressor and method thereof
11 7,546,745 Refrigerator and display device guiding apparatus of the same