LG Electronics patents granted on 16 March 2010

24 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,681,243 Method and apparatus for processing digital rights management contents containing advertising contents
2 7,681,216 Method of transmitting broadcast signal, method of processing broadcast signal and apparatus for the same
3 7,681,215 Emergency alert signaling method and digital television receiver
4 7,680,740 Managing copy protecting information of encrypted data
5 7,680,504 Message transmission and received message activation methods and mobile communication terminal having message transmission and received message activation functions
6 7,680,489 Method for concurrent multiple services in a mobile communication system
7 7,680,395 Apparatus and method for writing and playing back digital broadcasting supplementary service information and recording media therefor
8 7,680,392 Streaming contents recording method of mobile communication terminal
9 7,680,347 Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
10 7,680,284 Apparatus and method for controlling operation of audio low sound output means
11 7,680,194 Method and apparatus for signal processing, encoding, and decoding
12 7,680,022 Recording medium with physical access control (PAC) cluster thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
13 7,680,012 Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and/or reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
14 7,680,011 Write-once recording medium having a data structure for managing recording of the recording medium, and methods and apparatuses for recording on a recording medium
15 7,679,683 Image display apparatus and operating method thereof
16 7,679,582 Method for driving a plasma display panel
17 7,679,287 Plasma display apparatus with electrode structure
18 7,677,681 Kimchi refrigerator
19 7,677,509 Monitor stand
20 7,677,199 Surface treatment system and method
21 7,677,064 Door of drum type washing machine
22 7,677,063 Washing machine
23 7,677,055 Refrigerator
24 7,676,874 Washing machine with stillness mode and method of operating the same