LG Electronics patents granted on 17 April 2012

43 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D657,805 Refrigerator
2 D657,804 Refrigerator
3 D657,766 Mobile phone
4 D657,760 PDP television receiver
5 8,161,513 Method for receiving a broadcast signal and broadcast receiver
6 8,161,512 Method for processing targeting descriptor in non-real-time receiver
7 8,161,511 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
8 8,161,400 Apparatus and method for processing data of mobile terminal
9 8,161,341 Method of transmitting control information in wireless communication system and transmission window updating method using the same
10 8,161,150 Device management system and device management command scheduling method thereof
11 8,161,103 Method for supporting post browsing in moving rights object of digital rights management and terminal thereof
12 8,160,652 Mobile terminal and screen displaying method thereof
13 8,160,621 Method for writing a character message in a mobile telecommunication handset and mobile telecommunication handset capable of writing a character message
14 8,160,568 Mobile terminal and method for remote-controlling thereof
15 8,160,550 Method for downloading a message in a mobile terminal, method for forwarding message, and mobile terminal for performing the same
16 8,160,536 Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
17 8,160,424 Broadcast receiver and method for diagnostic information presentation
18 8,160,258 Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding signal
19 8,160,171 DTV receiver and method of processing broadcast signal in DTV receiver
20 8,160,101 Method for communicating data between mobile station and base station, and mobile communication terminal thereof
21 8,160,050 Mobile communication terminal having multicasting function and multicasting method using the same
22 8,160,025 Method for data transmission during a handover in mobile communications system
23 8,160,013 Method of transmitting data in multi-cell cooperative wireless communication system
24 8,160,012 Methods of setting up channel in wireless communication system
25 8,160,009 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
26 8,159,979 Enhanced TDD frame structure
27 8,159,978 Method and apparatus of transmitting feedback message in wireless communication system
28 8,159,922 High density optical disc and method for reproducing and recording data thereof
29 8,159,910 Apparatus and method for controlling tracking error balance in optical disc apparatus
30 8,159,614 Image display apparatus and channel information display method thereof
31 8,159,592 Portable terminal
32 8,159,476 Mobile terminal comprising rotary type input device and method of setting sensitivity using the same
33 8,159,456 Mobile communication device capable of providing candidate phone number list and method of controlling operation of the mobile communication device
34 8,159,425 Method and apparatus for driving an electro-luminescence display panel with an aging voltage
35 8,159,133 Plasma display panel comprising noise reducing barrier rib structure
36 8,158,878 Thin film solar cell module
37 8,157,422 Lighting apparatus
38 8,157,339 Basket assembly and basket carrier for refrigerator
39 8,157,338 Refrigerator
40 8,156,770 Drum type washing machine
41 8,156,659 Filter cleaning apparatus and ductless dryer implementing the same
42 8,156,591 Washing machine and operating method thereof
43 8,156,590 Controlling method of a laundry machine