LG Electronics patents granted on 17 January 2012

16 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 8,099,654 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in the digital broadcasting system
2 8,098,978 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of still images recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
3 8,098,821 Data encryption/decryption method and mobile terminal for use in the same
4 8,098,762 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signals in multiple-input multiple output communication system provided with plurality of antenna elements
5 8,098,760 Method of generating reference signal in wireless communication system
6 8,098,741 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
7 8,098,740 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
8 8,098,694 Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
9 8,098,647 Method of performing cell search in wireless communication system
10 8,098,646 Digital broadcast system for transmitting/receiving digital broadcast data, and data processing method for use in the same
11 8,098,487 Display apparatus
12 8,098,274 Image signal transmitting/receiving apparatus and method
13 8,098,216 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
14 8,098,177 Mapping alphabetic characters to a numeric keypad
15 8,097,896 Light emitting device package and method for manufacturing the same
16 8,097,073 Dehumidifier