LG Electronics patents granted on 17 July 2012

60 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,530 Method of converting audio data for a portable device and reproducing the converted audio data
2 RE43,517 Recording and reproducing apparatus having copy-protection function and method thereof
3 D663,908 Washing machine
4 D663,907 Washing machine
5 D663,869 LED lamp
6 D663,759 Projector
7 D663,729 Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor
8 D663,724 Cellular phone
9 D663,714 Headsets for cellular phones
10 D663,711 Cellular phone
11 D663,706 Television receiver
12 D663,705 Television receiver
13 8,225,351 Mobile terminal, and broadcast channel and broadcast information indication method thereof
14 8,225,236 Displaying active cursor in mobile terminal
15 8,225,167 Receiving/transmitting system and data processing method in the receiving/transmitting system
16 8,225,163 Method for resource allocation in HARQ
17 8,224,925 Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
18 8,224,403 Method of performing actions related to handover by a mobile station that is in power saving mode in a wireless mobile communication system
19 8,224,396 Wireless speaker
20 8,224,392 Mobile terminal capable of recognizing fingernail touch and method of controlling the operation thereof
21 8,224,391 Mobile terminal having an LED backlight unit
22 8,224,389 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
23 8,224,347 Apparatus for providing location information of hand-held device and method thereof
24 8,224,299 Method of controlling and apparatus of receiving mobile service data
25 8,224,260 Radio frequency signal transmission/reception apparatus and radio frequency signal transmission/reception method
26 8,224,258 Portable terminal and method for controlling output thereof
27 8,224,158 Method for setting playback environment of an interactive disk
28 8,224,152 Apparatus and method for reproducing text file in digital video device
29 8,224,027 Method and apparatus for managing video data
30 8,223,884 DTV transmitting system and method of processing DTV signal
31 8,223,857 Method of communication using frame
32 8,223,850 Method of obtaining a filtered pixel value from a reference pixel group
33 8,223,787 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
34 8,223,782 Method and procedures for radio bearer setup
35 8,223,740 Method of transmitting feedback information in a multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) system
36 8,223,713 Method for transmitting response information in mobile communications system
37 8,223,706 Method for transmitting/receiving data in a mobile communication system
38 8,223,689 Hierarchical service list
39 8,223,683 Automatic provisioning of femtocell
40 8,223,682 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing data in the transmitting/receiving system
41 8,223,639 Method and device for transmission opportunity truncation
42 8,223,612 Optical pickup apparatus
43 8,223,607 Method and apparatus for managing a overwrite recording on optical disc write once
44 8,223,431 Reflective screen and manufacturing method thereof
45 8,223,069 Network assisted positioning
46 8,223,040 Mobile terminal and method for operating touch keypad thereof
47 8,222,816 Multi plasma display panel
48 8,222,580 Cooking apparatus using microwaves
49 8,222,517 Thin film solar cell
50 8,221,101 Scroll compressor with discharge guide
51 8,221,091 Driving controlling apparatus for reciprocating compressor and method thereof
52 8,221,090 Reciprocating compressor stroke control by compensating motor inductance influences
53 8,220,981 Liquid crystal display having a plurality of modules
54 8,220,295 Driving apparatus for washing machine
55 8,220,294 Drum-type washing machine
56 8,220,285 Refrigerator
57 8,220,280 Air conditioning apparatus and method for determining the amount of refrigerant of air-conditioning apparatus
58 8,220,279 Home appliance
59 8,220,204 Refrigerator door and method of manufacture thereof
60 8,220,093 Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine