LG Electronics patents granted on 17 June 2014

30 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE44,951 Method and communication system for identifying calling/called party
2 D707,195 Mobile phone
3 D707,180 Gender for cellular phone
4 8,756,640 Cable broadcast program receiver and a diagnostic method of the cable broadcast program receiver
5 8,756,511 Gesture based unlocking of a mobile terminal
6 8,756,472 Method for selecting PMI for non-adaptive HARQ operation in a MIMO wireless communication system
7 8,756,300 Terminal provided with networking module and method for receiving and transmitting data using the same
8 8,756,066 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding object-based audio signals
9 8,755,844 Mobile terminal and vibration method thereof
10 8,755,800 Handover method
11 8,755,798 Method and apparatus for transceiving data in a wireless access system
12 8,755,782 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
13 8,755,774 Broadcast transmitting apparatus and method for processing broadcast signals
14 8,755,672 Media file format based on, method and apparatus for reproducing the same, and apparatus for generating the same
15 8,755,451 Method for transmitting precoded signal in collaborative multiple-input multiple-output communication system
16 8,755,442 Method of processing a signal and apparatus for processing a signal
17 8,755,434 Method and apparatus for scalably encoding and decoding video signal
18 8,755,365 Method and a base station for transmitting a CSI-RS, and a method and user equipment for receiving the CSI-RS
19 8,755,343 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
20 8,755,338 Method and apparatus for releasing uplink radio resource in wireless communication system
21 8,755,326 Repeater apparatus for simultaneously transceiving signals in a wireless communication system, and method for same
22 8,755,314 Method of operating a sleep mode in a wireless communication system
23 8,755,298 Method and apparatus for random access in a wireless communication system
24 8,755,284 Method and apparatus for requesting bandwidth in a wireless communication system
25 8,754,986 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
26 8,754,985 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
27 8,754,911 Method of controlling touch panel display device and touch panel display device using the same
28 8,754,815 Portable terminal and antenna device thereof
29 8,752,918 Refrigerator with inner door
30 8,752,916 Refrigerator