LG Electronics patents granted on 17 March 2015

66 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 8,984,560 Apparatus for receiving broadcast in processing broadcast program reserved for viewing and method thereof
2 8,984,553 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
3 8,984,444 Displaying received message with icon
4 8,984,389 Mobile terminal for setting bookmarking area and control method thereof
5 8,984,381 DTV transmitting system and method of processing broadcast data
6 8,984,362 MAC PDU splitting based on a subframe size with CRC added to the split unit
7 8,984,338 Home appliance diagnosis system, and method for operating same
8 8,983,798 Diagnostic system and method for home appliance
9 8,983,695 Electric vehicle and method for controlling same
10 8,983,661 Robot cleaner, controlling method of the same, and robot cleaning system
11 8,983,539 Smart watch, display device and method of controlling therefor
12 8,983,514 Method and device for transmitting and receiving available channel information within white space band
13 8,983,511 Method for transceiving a signal, and base station and user equipment for same
14 8,983,483 Management device for serving network or device and resource management method thereof
15 8,983,482 Method for detecting a network or device and a neighbor thereof
16 8,983,431 Method of receiving PLMN information at a terminal in a wireless communication, and apparatus for same
17 8,983,225 Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
18 8,982,981 Method of data transmission in multiple antenna system
19 8,982,978 Method and apparatus for transceiving a precoded signal in a multiple antenna supported wireless communication system
20 8,982,955 Method of determining motion vectors for bi-predictive image block
21 8,982,954 Method of determining motion vectors for bi-predictive image block
22 8,982,869 Broadcasting receiver and broadcast signal processing method
23 8,982,865 Method for transmitting reference signal for terminal demodulation in radio mobile communication system, and apparatus for implementing the same
24 8,982,848 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal
25 8,982,838 Method for processing data associated with handover in a wireless network
26 8,982,834 Method and apparatus for transmitting a reference signal in a multi-antenna system
27 8,982,829 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal in wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas
28 8,982,827 Method of transmitting and receiving wireless resource information
29 8,982,823 Method and apparatus for allocating terminal identifier in wireless access system
30 8,982,813 Method and apparatus for transmitting sounding reference signal
31 8,982,809 Method and apparatus for resource management in a relay communication system, and method and apparatus for data relay using same
32 8,982,804 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving uplink control information in wireless communication system
33 8,982,796 Method and device for determining precoding information for uplink multi-antenna transmission
34 8,982,788 Method and apparatus for transmitting positioning reference signal in wireless communication system
35 8,982,771 Method for performing HARQ for relay station
36 8,982,767 Method for transceiving data with both a mobile station and a relay station in a broadband wireless communication system
37 8,982,766 Signal transmission method performed by relay station in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
38 8,982,765 Method and apparatus for transmitting data on relay communication system
39 8,982,759 System information transmitting and receiving device
40 8,982,747 Method for transceiving reference signal in comp operation in wireless communication system that supports an MU-MIMO scheme
41 8,982,739 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
42 8,982,717 Apparatus and method for detecting transmission power of terminal having heterogeneous modem chips
43 8,982,706 Communication technique for a repeater using a transmission indicator
44 8,982,553 Mobile terminal and method for fabricating case thereof
45 8,982,183 Method and apparatus for processing a multiview video signal
46 8,982,039 Display device having luminance detecting optical sensor
47 8,982,000 Watch type mobile terminal and antenna thereof
48 8,981,269 Cooker
49 8,981,267 Cooktop heating element with improved connection structure
50 8,981,208 Solar cell
51 8,981,203 Thin film solar cell module
52 8,980,188 Refrigerator
53 8,978,826 Compressor
54 8,978,637 Top burner and cooker comprising the same
55 8,978,423 Control method of a laundry treatment machine
56 8,978,410 Refrigerating system having two evaporators performing heat exchange
57 8,978,197 Vacuum cleaner
58 8,978,195 Vacuum cleaner using an intelligent power network
59 D724,610 Cellular phone having graphical user interface
60 D724,587 Head mounted display device
61 D724,586 Head mounted display device
62 D724,585 Head mounted display device
63 D724,571 Cellular phone
64 D724,563 Woofer speaker
65 D724,556 Wireless communication device for mobile phones
66 D724,555 Television receiver