LG Electronics patents granted on 17 November 2015

68 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,805 Display device
2 D743,654 Clothes management apparatus
3 D743,653 Clothes management apparatus
4 D743,652 Clothes management apparatus
5 D743,454 Guide for drawer of refrigerator
6 D743,393 Mobile phone
7 D743,376 Speaker
8 D743,373 Speaker for television receivers
9 D743,368 Mobile phone
10 D743,367 Mobile phone
11 D743,366 Mobile phone
12 D743,364 Television receiver
13 D743,362 Television receiver
14 D743,361 Television receiver
15 D743,282 Wearable device
16 9,192,072 Curved mobile terminal with curved battery
17 9,191,961 Method for allocating wireless resources in wireless access system and device therefore
18 9,191,958 Method of reducing transmission power and terminal thereof
19 9,191,955 Method for channel searching in a medical body area network
20 9,191,950 Method and apparatus for scheduling wireless personal area network
21 9,191,947 Method for contention-based scheduling of downlink signal transmissions
22 9,191,946 Method and apparatus for enhanced control channel-based operation in wireless communication system
23 9,191,945 Method and apparatus for enhanced control channel-based operation in wireless communication system
24 9,191,944 Method and apparatus for allocation of discontinuous uplink resource
25 9,191,942 Method and device for allocating group resources for M2M device in wireless communication system
26 9,191,936 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
27 9,191,935 Method for transmitting control information and apparatus therefor
28 9,191,934 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel quality control information using PUCCH format 3 in a wireless access system
29 9,191,931 Method and apparatus for the transmission of a control signal in a radio communication system
30 9,191,928 Method and apparatus of accessing channel in wireless communication system
31 9,191,899 Terminal apparatus for controlling uplink signal transmission power and method for same
32 9,191,893 Method and apparatus for operating a power save mode in a wireless LAN system
33 9,191,826 Method and apparatus for transceiving a contact verification signal regarding available channels in a plurality of locations in a wireless communication system
34 9,191,806 Method and apparatus for retransmitting MTC group message in wireless communication system
35 9,191,718 Method of processing non-real time service and broadcast receiver
36 9,191,717 Method for processing non-real timeservice and broadcast receiver
37 9,191,697 Device and method for providing PSI of digital broadcasting program to watcher
38 9,191,651 Video display apparatus and operating method therefor
39 9,191,644 Mobile terminal and 3D image controlling method therein
40 9,191,606 Mobile terminal, broadcasting terminal and controlling method thereof
41 9,191,470 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the same
42 9,191,421 Method and an apparatus for initiating a session in home network system
43 9,191,333 Apparatus and method for moving a receive window in a radio access network
44 9,191,180 Method and device for executing HARQ in TDD-based wireless communication system
45 9,191,176 Method for coding and transmitting uplink control information in a wireless access system
46 9,191,175 Method and apparatus for supporting HARQ operation using HARQ channel identifier in wireless access system
47 9,191,174 Method of performing link adaptation procedure
48 9,191,173 Resource allocation method and a method for transmitting/receiving resource allocation information in mobile communication system
49 9,191,172 Method wherein a base station transmits and receives TDD configuration information regarding a plurality of CCs in a wireless communication system supporting a plurality of the CCs, and apparatus for same
50 9,191,170 Method for transreceiving reference signal in wireless access system and apparatus for same
51 9,191,167 Method and base station for transmitting downstream link data, and method and user device for receiving downstream link data
52 9,191,159 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink control information for repeater
53 9,191,157 Method and apparatus for cooperative transmission in multi-node system
54 9,191,099 Method for performing HARQ for relay station
55 9,191,082 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
56 9,189,970 Miniature of washing machine for exhibition
57 9,189,825 Electronic device and method for displaying stereoscopic image
58 9,189,193 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof for editing second gallery image using editing information used for printing first gallery image
59 9,189,142 Portable terminal capable of sensing proximity touch and method for controlling screen in the same
60 9,189,101 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
61 9,189,072 Display device and control method thereof
62 9,189,068 Apparatus and a method for gesture recognition
63 9,189,016 Mobile terminal
64 9,188,126 Hermatic compressor having a fluid guide disposed in an intermediate chamber
65 9,187,857 Laundry machine
66 9,187,856 Washing machine and washing method
67 9,187,362 Transparent composite material and a production method therefor
68 9,186,025 Upright type vacuum cleaner having dust compression device