LG Electronics patents granted on 18 October 2011

45 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE42,855 Method for forming electrode for plasma display panel
2 D647,245 LED lighting
3 D647,224 LED lamp
4 D647,075 Mobile phone
5 D647,067 Remote controller for lighting control
6 D646,921 Oven range
7 8,042,144 Interactive medium and method for managing additional data thereof
8 8,042,138 Apparatus and method for providing and obtaining product information through a broadcast signal
9 8,042,135 Method of controlling EPG receiver and EPG receiver using the same
10 8,042,033 Protection of access information in wireless communications
11 8,042,019 Broadcast transmitting/receiving system and method of processing broadcast data in a broadcast transmitting/receiving system
12 8,041,978 Method for ensuring synchronous presentation of additional data with audio data
13 8,041,612 On-line video and image system
14 8,041,408 Battery fastening apparatus and portable terminal using the same
15 8,041,400 Event display method and apparatus for mobile terminal
16 8,041,390 Mobile terminal and data uploading method thereof
17 8,041,342 Moving notification message
18 8,041,334 Communication device and method of providing location information therein
19 8,041,308 Method of transmitting channel quality information in mobile communication system
20 8,041,193 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of auxiliary presentation data and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
21 8,041,179 Methods and apparatuses for reproducing and recording still picture and audio data and recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of still picture and audio data
22 8,040,993 Signal processing method in MIMO system and apparatus thereof
23 8,040,924 Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
24 8,040,920 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
25 8,040,913 Method for signaling back-off information in random access
26 8,040,909 Packet transmission scheduling technique
27 8,040,885 Wireless network system and communication method in a wireless network
28 8,040,846 Method for transmitting control channel in a mobile communication system
29 8,040,827 Method for transmitting sub-frame designation information to a downlink in a radio communication system
30 8,040,825 Multiparty calling method and corresponding mobile communication terminal
31 8,040,806 Methods of generating data block in mobile communication system
32 8,040,789 Method for uplink transmission in OFDM(A) system
33 8,040,677 Plasma display device
34 8,040,436 Device and method for modifying video image of display apparatus
35 8,040,057 Display panel having a contact angle between the substrate and electrode
36 8,039,734 Electrode paste for solar cell, solar cell using the paste, and fabrication method of the solar cell
37 8,039,281 Light emitting diode having vertical topology and method of making the same
38 8,038,936 Cooking device with deodorization
39 8,038,876 Filter assembly of washer
40 8,038,499 Flat display panel and method for manufacturing a flat panel display
41 8,037,721 Foreign materials filtering apparatus and washing machine having the same
42 8,037,712 Hermetic compressor and refrigeration cycle having the same
43 8,037,708 Refrigerator and method of manufacturing the same
44 8,037,707 Air conditioner
45 8,037,626 Cloth treating apparatus