LG Electronics patents granted on 19 April 2016

51 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D754,407 Electric washing machine
2 D754,220 Door for refrigerator
3 D754,217 Door for refrigerator
4 D754,087 Television receiver
5 9,320,138 Display apparatus
6 9,320,059 Method and device for managing tag of cell in communication system
7 9,320,055 Method for efficiently transmitting broadcasting message in broadband wireless access system
8 9,320,027 Method and apparatus for allocating an uplink carrier for transmitting uplink control information in a wireless communication system
9 9,320,026 Method and user equipment for transmitting ACK/NACK information, and method and base station for receiving ACK/NACK information
10 9,320,011 Mobile terminal, method of computing absolute coordinates of wireless AP by mobile terminal, and system of computing absolute coordinates of wireless AP using mobile terminal
11 9,319,955 Method and apparatus for device-to-device communicating in wireless communication system
12 9,319,950 Method and apparatus for band switching in wireless local access network
13 9,319,947 Method and apparatus for supporting CSG service in wireless communication system
14 9,319,938 Inter-APN routing flow distribution
15 9,319,935 Handover method with link failure recovery, wireless device and base station for implementing such method
16 9,319,931 Method of performing direct communication between terminals, method of supporting same, and apparatus for same
17 9,319,919 Method and terminal for measuring interference in heterogeneous network having co-existing macro cell and small-scale cell
18 9,319,918 Method in which a terminal connected to a cellular network measures a wireless LAN and receives information for measurement in a wireless access system, and terminal or base station device for same
19 9,319,902 Method for receiving downlink signal by station in wireless communication system
20 9,319,894 Method for transmitting and receiving power outage report and device therefor
21 9,319,886 Method for efficient channel use
22 9,319,826 Method for providing an M2M service, and method and apparatus for M2M communication
23 9,319,786 Microphone mounting structure of mobile terminal and using method thereof
24 9,319,743 Method and apparatus for processing digital service signal
25 9,319,734 Digital broadcasting receiver for magic remote control and method of controlling the receiver
26 9,319,709 Method for selecting motion vector predictor and device using same
27 9,319,683 Method for intra prediction and device therefor
28 9,319,655 Electronic device and corresponding method for displaying a stereoscopic image
29 9,319,492 Method and an apparatus for controlling messages between host and controller
30 9,319,366 Digital device for providing text messaging service and method for controlling the same
31 9,319,231 Method and apparatus for transmitting a MAC control message in wireless access system
32 9,319,213 Method for transceiving signals, and apparatus therefor
33 9,319,205 Method and apparatus for performing cross-carrier scheduling for SPS
34 9,319,203 Method of transmitting control information and device for same
35 9,319,198 Packet data transmitting method and mobile communication system using the same
36 9,319,196 Method of operating an HARQ buffer for a dynamic sub-frame change and an apparatus for same
37 9,319,193 Method for interference measurement in base station cooperative wireless communication system, and device therefor
38 9,319,192 Method for transmitting control information by a base station in a wireless communication system, and device therefor
39 9,319,189 Method and apparatus for controlling inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
40 9,319,176 Method of reporting channel quality information in a wireless communication system
41 9,319,123 Method for receiving reference signal and user equipment, and method for transmitting reference signal and base station
42 9,319,014 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
43 9,318,151 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
44 9,318,070 Mobile terminal and method of controlling a mobile terminal
45 9,317,244 Mobile terminal
46 9,317,240 Image display device and method of controlling the same
47 9,316,442 Dryer
48 9,316,440 Laundry treatment apparatus
49 9,316,402 Heat pump
50 9,315,920 Growth substrate and light emitting device comprising the same
51 9,314,791 Microfluidic system