LG Electronics patents granted on 19 August 2014

70 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D711,391 USB flash memory device
2 D711,376 Head mounted display device
3 D711,375 Head mounted display device
4 D711,374 Head mounted display device
5 D711,373 Head mounted display device
6 D711,355 Remote control
7 D711,341 Cellular phone
8 D711,338 Mobile phone
9 D711,337 Mobile phone
10 D711,336 Mobile phone
11 D711,316 Charging holder for mobile phones
12 D711,268 Activity tracker
13 8,813,251 Method for controlling content and digital device using the same
14 8,813,193 Mobile terminal and information security setting method thereof
15 8,813,155 Method for receiving service information data and an IPTV receiver
16 8,813,147 System and method for synchronizing video indexing between audio/video signal and data
17 8,812,925 Method of an uplink harq operation at an expiry of time alignment timer
18 8,812,058 Mobile terminal having multi-function executing capability and executing method thereof
19 8,812,045 Method for controlling transmission power in a multi-antenna wireless communication system
20 8,812,009 Method of controlling uplink synchronization state at a user equipment in a mobile communication system
21 8,811,996 Method for performing a handover through zone-switching in a broadband wireless access system
22 8,811,989 Method and apparatus for transmitting paging message for M2M device in wireless communication system
23 8,811,961 Method and apparatus for MTC in a wireless communication system
24 8,811,910 Method of executing handover in broadband wireless access system
25 8,811,617 Efficient security-related processing
26 8,811,520 User equipment apparatus and method for feeding back channel state information in a wireless communication system
27 8,811,517 Wireless communication system for a high-speed object that moves on a fixed path
28 8,811,489 Method of determining motion vectors for a bi-predictive image block
29 8,811,476 Method of removing a blocking artifact using quantization information in a filtering system
30 8,811,355 Method for mode adaptation in MIMO system
31 8,811,351 Method for measuring channel quality information on a downlink multi-carrier in a wireless communication system using carrier aggregation
32 8,811,350 Handover performed in consideration of uplink/downlink component carrier setup
33 8,811,347 Method and apparatus for selecting MME in wireless communication system including mobile relay node
34 8,811,340 Method for performing handover to reduce interruption time
35 8,811,336 Method of performing handover and controlling thereof in a mobile communication system
36 8,811,326 Method and device for allocating control channel
37 8,811,321 Method for transceiving a downlink reference signal, and base station and user equipment using same
38 8,811,318 Method for processing traffic in unused band in an intermediate access point
39 8,811,314 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in wireless communication system
40 8,811,312 Method and apparatus of accessing channel in wireless communication system
41 8,811,303 Method of performing wireless communication in multi-carrier system
42 8,811,290 Method and apparatus for transmitting paging message in wireless communication system
43 8,811,287 Method for transmitting a sounding reference signal in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
44 8,811,284 Method and apparatus for supporting carrier aggregation
45 8,811,280 Method of transmitting control signal in multi-cell cooperative wireless communication system
46 8,811,277 Method of low duty mode operation for femto base station
47 8,811,275 Method of exchanging messages, sink device and source device
48 8,811,274 Method for transmitting channel quality information based on differential scheme
49 8,811,266 Method for uplink transmission control and an apparatus for the same in a wireless communications system
50 8,811,263 Method for sending an uplink control signal on a wireless communications system and a device therefor
51 8,811,262 Method in which a relay allocates carriers on a backhaul link and an access link in a multi-carrier wireless communication system
52 8,811,255 Method for allocating resource for multicast and/or broadcast service data in wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor
53 8,811,249 Method for controlling transmission power, and apparatus for same
54 8,811,244 Method and apparatus for performing radio access with delay in a wireless communication system
55 8,811,159 Method and apparatus of transmitting and receiving configuration information of a plurality of cells in a wireless system
56 8,810,627 Display device and method for controlling the same
57 8,810,548 Mobile terminal
58 8,810,538 Mobile terminal
59 8,809,802 Portable ion generator
60 8,808,837 Flexible film and display device comprising the same
61 8,808,599 Method of manufacturing damper assembly of refrigerator
62 8,807,973 Rotary-type 2-stage compressor
63 8,807,792 Lighting apparatus
64 8,807,790 Lighting apparatus
65 8,807,768 Display apparatus
66 8,806,888 Air-conditioner with multi-stage compressor and phase separator
67 8,806,885 Apparatus for storing food
68 8,806,884 Refrigerator
69 8,806,775 Method for operating clothes treating apparatus
70 8,806,711 Automatic cleaner