LG Electronics patents granted on 19 July 2016

56 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D761,891 Dispenser for refrigerator
2 D761,890 Dispenser for refrigerator
3 D761,889 Dispenser for refrigerator
4 D761,888 Dispenser for refrigerator
5 D761,887 Dispenser for refrigerator
6 D761,886 Dispenser for refrigerator
7 D761,776 Case for cellular phone
8 D761,763 Portable speaker
9 D761,749 Mobile phone
10 D761,748 TV receiver
11 D761,747 TV receiver
12 D761,620 Microwave oven
13 9,398,611 Method for accessing channels in wireless communication systems and apparatus for same
14 9,398,607 Method and apparatus for scheduling in a wireless communication system
15 9,398,583 Method for efficiently performing initial access in a multi-carrier broadband wireless access system
16 9,398,578 Method for receiving downlink signal, and user device, and method for transmitting downlink signal, and base station
17 9,398,570 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in WLAN system
18 9,398,560 Method for performing paging in wireless communication system supporting direct communication between terminals, and D2D terminal for the method
19 9,398,548 Interference control method in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
20 9,398,539 Method for transmitting signal in multiple node system
21 9,398,496 Method and apparatus for performing handover in wireless communication system
22 9,398,360 Audio extension module
23 9,398,344 Image display apparatus, mobile terminal and method for operating the same
24 9,398,341 Apparatus and method for processing an interactive service
25 9,398,339 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
26 9,398,328 Video display device and method for controlling same
27 9,398,324 Image display apparatus and operation method thereof
28 9,398,303 Enhanced intra prediction mode signaling
29 9,398,274 Multivision device and lens bar attached to the same
30 9,398,133 Mobile terminal and control method for the same
31 9,398,122 Sequence mapping method and apparatus in wireless communication system
32 9,397,865 Method and apparatus for receiving signal in wireless communication system
33 9,397,814 Method for transreceiving signal and apparatus for same
34 9,397,801 Method for transmitting/receiving data in a wireless access system and base station for same
35 9,397,791 Transmitting data in a mobile communication system
36 9,397,787 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
37 9,397,737 Method and apparatus for indicating destination stations in WLAN system supporting multi-user multiple input multiple output
38 9,397,707 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in very high throughput wireless local area network system
39 9,397,610 Photovoltaic module and control method thereof
40 9,397,609 Photovoltaic module
41 9,397,505 Charging system that detects receiver standard and adjusts charging with switches and selection of capacitors
42 9,395,900 Mobile terminal and method of moving an icon from a page displayed on the mobile terminal to another page
43 9,395,816 Display device for selectively outputting tactile feedback and visual feedback and method for controlling the same
44 9,395,763 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
45 9,395,749 Display apparatus
46 9,395,546 Stereoscopic image processing system and device and glasses
47 9,395,512 Auto focus device and a method therefor
48 9,395,124 Indoor device for an air conditioner
49 9,395,117 Refrigerator
50 9,395,115 Refrigerator
51 9,395,093 Range having an adjustable rear panel
52 9,394,904 Compressor
53 9,394,645 Lid hinge having piston and cam members for a laundry treatment machine
54 9,394,644 Washer
55 9,393,689 Robot cleaning system and method for charging the same
56 9,392,921 Agitator and cleaner