LG Electronics patents granted on 19 October 2010

37 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE41,846 Wireless device and method of operating the same
2 RE41,835 Method of decoding a current image
3 D625,722 Optical disk drive
4 D625,720 Hard disk drive player
5 7,818,737 Video device having software upgrade function using wireless communication and method for controlling the same
6 7,818,366 Method and apparatus for providing multimedia broadcast/multicast service in mobile communication system
7 7,818,006 Handover execution and communication resumption in wireless access system
8 7,817,985 Electronic transaction service in a mobile communication network
9 7,817,866 Processing multiview video
10 7,817,865 Processing multiview video
11 7,817,813 Woofer speaker mounting structure for portable computer
12 7,817,649 Session invitation method and system
13 7,817,588 Wireless data service apparatus and method in broadcast mobile communication system
14 7,817,569 Method and apparatus for determining arrival time of data packets
15 7,817,514 Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and/or reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
16 7,817,211 Apparatuses and methods for resolving channel information inconsistencies
17 7,817,190 Method and apparatus for processing an image exposed to backlight
18 7,817,147 Display device having plurality of power supplies and method for controlling the same
19 7,817,112 Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
20 7,817,110 Plasma display apparatus having enhanced discharge stability and driving thereof
21 7,817,109 Plasma display apparatus
22 7,817,108 Plasma display having electrodes provided at the scan lines
23 7,817,107 Cooling apparatus of plasma display panel and method for stabilizing plasma display panel
24 7,817,067 Apparatus for sensing button-pressed state and method therefor in mobile device
25 7,817,054 Method of controlling operations and electronic device implementing the same
26 7,816,873 Linear compressor
27 7,816,844 Filter and plasma display device thereof
28 7,816,705 Method of fabricating vertical structure LEDs
29 7,815,746 Dishwasher and method of supplying water of dishwasher
30 7,815,745 Heater-mounting structure of dish washer, and the heater
31 7,815,703 Dust collecting unit of vacuum cleaner
32 7,815,702 Multi cyclone collector
33 7,815,268 Apparatus for tilting door for refrigerator
34 7,815,265 Rack apparatus of dishwasher
35 7,815,102 Inputting device for refrigerator
36 7,814,770 Multi-functional laundry device and controlling method for the same
37 7,814,596 Method for controlling washing machine