LG Electronics patents granted on 20 January 2015

39 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,347 Methods of transmitting data blocks in wireless communication system
2 D721,392 Refrigerator
3 D721,364 Monitor
4 D721,347 Cellular phone
5 D721,346 Cellular phone
6 D721,345 Cellular phone
7 D721,344 Cellular phone
8 D721,343 Cellular phone
9 D721,342 Mobile phone
10 D721,327 Charger for remote control
11 D721,292 Activity tracker
12 8,938,768 Multi-functional display device and method for displaying content on the same
13 8,938,754 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
14 8,938,752 Apparatus and method for processing an interactive service
15 8,938,687 Digital television and method of providing graphical user interface using the same
16 8,938,276 Side sliding type mobile terminal
17 8,938,261 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
18 8,938,158 Method of reproducing a still picture from a recording medium, method of decoding the still picture and the recording medium
19 8,938,152 Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium
20 8,938,020 Method and device for transmitting/receiving a signal by using a code book in a wireless communication system
21 8,938,018 Method and system for reducing inter carrier interference for OFDM
22 8,937,933 Method and apparatus for transmitting PLCP frame in wireless local area network system
23 8,937,926 Device and method for performing an rSRVCC procedure
24 8,937,922 Method and apparatus for transmitting data frame in WLAN system
25 8,937,917 Method in which a terminal establishes component carriers in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
26 8,937,914 Method and apparatus for transceiving data in a wireless communication system
27 8,937,913 Method for control channel detection in a multicarrier system
28 8,937,907 Method and apparatus for handling signals used for extended access class barring in a wireless communication
29 8,937,902 Method for transmitting common reference signal in downlink MIMO system
30 8,937,690 Liquid crystal display device having touch panel
31 8,937,664 Method of controlling electronic device and portable terminal thereof
32 8,937,648 Receiving system and method of providing 3D image
33 8,937,625 Fabric dryer and method of controlling the same
34 8,937,414 Electric motor and electric vehicle having the same
35 8,936,449 Hermetic compressor and manufacturing method thereof
36 8,936,332 Refrigerator
37 8,936,330 Laundry treating apparatus
38 8,936,039 Communication apparatus, air conditioning system having the same and communication method thereof using refrigerant pipes
39 8,935,939 Refrigerator and rapid fluid cooling apparatus