LG Electronics patents granted on 20 March 2012

25 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D656,118 Mobile phone
2 8,141,119 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
3 8,140,437 Method of recording and reproducing sample data to/from a recording medium and sample data containing recording medium
4 8,140,136 Slide module and portable terminal having the same
5 8,140,126 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
6 8,140,083 Procedure for non synchronized radio access (NSRA) resource assignment
7 8,140,058 Method of transmitting and receiving internet address in mobile communication terminal
8 8,140,019 Method for reducing inter-cell interference
9 8,139,928 Method of creating playback control file for recording medium and method and apparatus for reproducing data using the playback control file
10 8,139,916 Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium
11 8,139,773 Method and an apparatus for decoding an audio signal
12 8,139,665 Wireless communication system with multiple transmission antennas using pilot subcarrier allocation
13 8,139,573 Mobile communication terminal and multimedia message processing method using the same
14 8,139,555 Bi-directional packet data transmission system and method
15 8,139,549 Method of scheduling an uplink packet transmission channel in a mobile communication system
16 8,139,524 Control channel reception method for receiving broadcast or multicast service
17 8,139,519 Method for transmitting and identifying transmit power value in multi-user MIMO
18 8,138,711 Motor controller of air conditioner and method of the motor controller
19 8,138,453 Electric oven with multiple broil heaters and method for preheating the electric oven
20 8,138,275 Anti-fingerprint coating material for stainless steel outer case of home appliance
21 8,136,973 Lighting apparatus
22 8,136,896 Laundry treating machine
23 8,136,273 Clothes refreshing apparatus and method for controlling the same
24 8,136,264 Method for controlling automatically dryness
25 8,136,189 Method for controlling washing course of washing machine