LG Electronics patents granted on 20 May 2008

22 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D569,398 Kimchi refrigerator
2 D569,365 Mobile phone
3 D569,362 Mobile phone
4 D569,361 Cellular phone
5 D569,360 Cellular phone
6 D569,357 Television set
7 7,376,964 Master guide table for a digital broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the table
8 7,376,851 Apparatus and method for managing power in computer system
9 7,376,590 Union remote controller, union remote controller information providing system and method for using the same
10 7,376,441 Apparatus and method of interacting with a mobile phone using a TV system
11 7,376,271 Method for quantization of histogram bin value of image
12 7,376,263 Content-based multimedia retrieval system and method thereof
13 7,376,188 Format structure of serial data and serial data conversion apparatus
14 7,376,076 Method for transferring and/or receiving data in communication system and apparatus thereof
15 7,375,991 Power control device
16 7,375,470 Magnetron
17 7,375,360 Light device of arranging thin film inspection sensor array, and method and apparatus for arranging sensor array using the same
18 7,375,310 Air flow system for circulating air in a microwave oven
19 7,374,410 Low-pressure type orbiting vane compressor
20 7,373,793 Damper assembly and washing machine using the same
21 7,373,789 Refrigerator and ice making apparatus
22 7,373,737 Apparatus and method for controlling washing/drying system