LG Electronics patents granted on 20 May 2014

41 US patents granted on 20 May 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D705,505 Washing machine
2 D705,225 Monitor
3 D705,185 Television receiver
4 8,732,772 Image display apparatus and image displaying method thereof
5 8,732,752 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
6 8,731,623 Method of paging
7 8,731,612 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
8 8,731,584 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the mobile terminal
9 8,731,578 Method and apparatus for obtaining location information using smart card
10 8,731,565 Apparatus and method of performing handover in wireless communication system
11 8,731,543 Method and apparatus for reporting a logged measurement in a wireless communication system
12 8,731,480 Method for transmitting and receiving data in a cooperative multiple-input multiple-output mobile communication system
13 8,731,384 Steam head for cleaner
14 8,731,194 Method of establishing security association in inter-rat handover
15 8,731,100 DTV receiving system and method of processing DTV signal
16 8,731,088 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink signal in a MIMO wireless communication system
17 8,731,086 Method of transmitting control information in multiple antenna system
18 8,731,063 Block error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof
19 8,730,969 Method of detecting and handling and endless RLC retransmission
20 8,730,919 Method for performing mobility in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
21 8,730,903 Method and apparatus for channel estimation for radio link between a base station and a relay station
22 8,730,899 Fixed resource allocation method and device in a broadband wireless communication system
23 8,730,898 Method and apparatus for transmitting an uplink control signal in a wireless communication system
24 8,730,897 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal for reducing inter-cell interference in multiple input multiple output communication system
25 8,730,893 Group resource allocation method in broadband wireless access system and apparatus therefor
26 8,730,889 Method or HARQ acknowledgement transmission and transport block retransmission in a wireless communication system
27 8,730,862 Method for setting a period in a ban
28 8,730,859 Method and apparatus of sleep mode operation
29 8,730,850 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in time division duplex system
30 8,730,849 Method for transmitting and receiving information related to relay station
31 8,730,400 Image displaying apparatus and image processing apparatus
32 8,730,303 Broadcast transmitter, broadcast receiver and 3D video data processing method thereof
33 8,730,180 Control of input/output through touch
34 8,730,131 Head mounted display and method of outputting a content using the same in which the same identical content is displayed
35 8,730,010 Method of receiving a disaster warning message using a paging message in mobile communication system
36 8,729,595 Light emitting device having vertical structure and package thereof
37 8,729,384 Solar cell module
38 8,727,603 Lighting apparatus
39 8,726,702 Drum-type washing machine and bearing housing structure thereof
40 8,726,686 Ice making device and refrigerator
41 8,726,459 Vacuum cleaner