LG Electronics patents granted on 20 November 2012

32 US patents granted on 20 November 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,810 Method for controlling display mode in portable computer
2 D671,282 Body of dry cleaning machine
3 D671,162 3D glasses
4 D671,152 Refrigerator
5 D671,151 Refrigerator
6 D671,089 Cellular phone
7 D671,084 Television receiver
8 D671,083 OLED television receiver
9 D670,924 Massage chair
10 D670,910 Mobile phone case
11 8,316,401 Method for processing broadcast program information and broadcast receiver
12 8,316,325 Mobile terminal and method for controlling screen thereof
13 8,316,312 Method, display system, and computer software for controlling icon appearance
14 8,316,246 Network system, network monitor and method for resetting network monitor
15 8,315,675 Power consumption control apparatus in PDA phone
16 8,315,658 Method of allocating radio resources in a wireless communication system
17 8,315,641 Method of controlling uplink synchronization state at a user equipment in a mobile communication system
18 8,315,639 Method of transmitting reference signals for cooperative wireless communication system and method of allocating radio resources for relay-based wireless communication system
19 8,315,637 Signal transmission method for a terminal using fractional frequency reuse scheme
20 8,315,337 Broadcast receiving system and method for processing broadcast signals
21 8,315,334 DTV transmitting system and method of processing DTV signal
22 8,315,333 Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
23 8,315,330 Method of transmitting data in wireless communication system
24 8,315,325 Method for transmitting/receiving multiple codeword in a multiple input multiple output communication system
25 8,315,324 Method for transmitting and receiving downlink control information
26 8,315,222 Method for scheduling distributed virtual resource blocks
27 8,314,891 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
28 8,314,859 Mobile terminal and image capturing method thereof
29 8,312,642 Controlling method of a steam generator and a laundry machine with the same
30 8,312,639 Liquid storage container and clothes dryer having the same
31 8,312,638 Multiple laundry treating machine
32 8,312,593 Vacuum cleaner with removable dust collector, and methods of operating the same