LG Electronics patents granted on 20 October 2015

67 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D741,383 Refrigerator door
2 D741,382 Refrigerator having air cleaner
3 D741,381 Refrigerator
4 D741,380 Refrigerator
5 D741,354 Display screen with graphical user interface
6 D741,341 Multimedia terminal with transitional graphical user interface
7 D741,317 Notebook computer
8 D741,308 Mobile phone
9 D741,305 Cellular phone
10 D741,296 Speaker with lighting
11 D741,281 Mobile phone
12 D741,280 Cellular phone
13 D741,278 Monitor
14 D741,275 TV receiver
15 D741,274 TV receiver
16 D741,273 TV receiver
17 D741,206 Wearable device
18 9,167,604 Method and apparatus for a scanning in WLAN
19 9,167,596 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving scheduling request using shared resource based filtering in radio communication system
20 9,167,584 Method and apparatus for allocating resources in a multi-node system
21 9,167,583 Method for transmitting/receiving signal and device therefor
22 9,167,582 Scheduling method and device having continuity in a wireless personal area communication network
23 9,167,577 Method for transmitting and receiving control information and apparatus for the same
24 9,167,576 Method for transmitting control information and apparatus for same
25 9,167,573 Method and apparatus of transmitting reference signal for uplink transmission
26 9,167,567 Method for configuring a backhaul link subframe in a wireless communication system to which a carrier aggregation scheme is applied and an apparatus for the same
27 9,167,565 Method of transmitting and receiving downlink data in wireless communication system
28 9,167,562 Method of channel resource allocation and devices in wireless networks
29 9,167,549 Method and apparatus for location update in a wireless communication system
30 9,167,526 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
31 9,167,465 Method for transceiving channel state information and transceiving device
32 9,167,464 Method for reporting measurement information of terminal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
33 9,167,451 Method and apparatus for measuring interference in wireless communication system
34 9,167,433 Method for detecting security error in mobile telecommunications system and device of mobile telecommunications
35 9,167,291 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
36 9,167,249 Method and apparatus for decoding a bitstream for a video signal with a decoding apparatus
37 9,167,211 Method for transmitting an IPTV streaming service by P2P transmission, and method for receiving an IPTV streaming service by P2P transmission
38 9,167,188 Display device and control method thereof
39 9,167,072 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
40 9,167,059 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
41 9,166,761 Method and apparatus for allocating resources in wireless communication system
42 9,166,758 Method and user equipment for transmitting uplink control information
43 9,166,755 Method and device for transmitting a downlink reference signal in a wireless communications system supporting multiple antennas
44 9,166,753 Method for providing control information associated with fractional frequency reuse
45 9,166,747 Method and device for a hybrid automatic repeat request in a multi-carrier system
46 9,166,719 Method of transmitting and receiving signals in a mobile communication system using a radio frame including multiple types of subframes and apparatus thereof
47 9,166,661 Method and device for providing control information for uplink transmission in wireless communication system supporting uplink multi-antenna transmission
48 9,166,654 Wireless power transmission and communication between devices
49 9,166,454 Electric motor with end winding support
50 9,166,451 Stator of electric machine, electromotor having the same, and electric vehicle having the electromotor
51 9,166,123 Light emitting device package and method for manufacturing the same
52 9,166,096 Method for manufacturing solar cell and dopant layer thereof
53 9,166,082 Solar cell
54 9,166,076 Solar cell panel
55 9,165,398 Analysis of food items captured in digital images
56 9,165,379 Method for encoding and decoding video, and apparatus using same
57 9,164,672 Image display device and method of managing contents using the same
58 9,164,660 Method of controlling mobile terminal
59 9,164,610 Touch display device having a driver to provide a scan synchronization signal and a data synchronization signal
60 9,164,579 Electronic device for granting authority based on context awareness information
61 9,163,850 Display device for air conditioner and method of controlling the display device
62 9,163,633 Vane pump
63 9,163,621 Apparatus for controlling compressor and refrigerator having the same
64 9,163,352 Laundry treatment apparatus
65 9,163,351 Heat pump module and laundry treatment device using the same
66 9,163,350 Clothes treating apparatus and controlling method thereof
67 9,162,895 Method and apparatus for manufacturing graphene powder and graphene powder manufactured using the same