LG Electronics patents granted on 21 July 2009

30 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE40,856 Structure of driving unit in drum type washing machine
2 D596,604 Cellular phone
3 7,565,672 Method for transmitting and recording user preference information in optical disc device
4 7,565,669 Optical disc drive with optical disk heating member
5 7,565,628 Functional icon display system and method
6 7,565,296 Digital audio watermark inserting/detecting apparatus and method
7 7,565,185 Three-axial rotation type mobile communication terminal
8 7,565,184 Mobile communication terminal
9 7,565,154 Position information transmitting method of mobile communication terminal
10 7,565,050 Light pipe having an improved structure of prisms
11 7,564,975 Method of ciphering data and/or voice call to be transferred in mobile communication system and method of deactivating the ciphering
12 7,564,851 Apparatus and method for moving a receive window in a radio access network
13 7,564,831 Method of transmitting feedback information using an extended subheader
14 7,564,829 Allocation of radio resource in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
15 7,564,804 Method of assigning addresses to a plurality of devices on a network and a network system therefor
16 7,564,760 Recording medium, method of configuring disc control information thereof, recording and reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
17 7,564,507 Apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image
18 7,564,430 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
19 7,564,429 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
20 7,564,376 Condition-dependent icon generation for vehicular information terminals
21 7,564,186 Reflective display device with divided electrodes
22 7,564,131 Semiconductor package and method of making a semiconductor package
23 7,563,629 Method of fabricating vertical structure LEDs
24 7,563,511 External decorating member for refrigerator door
25 7,563,160 Ventilating apparatus
26 7,563,149 Sheet for manufacturing plasma display apparatus and method for manufacturing plasma display
27 7,562,630 Shelf for refrigerator and refrigerator having the same
28 7,562,544 Drum washing machine
29 7,562,542 Drum type washer
30 7,562,467 Dryer, and motor mounting structure of the same