LG Electronics patents granted on 21 June 2016

54 US patents granted on 21 June 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE46,039 Method of transmitting data using repetition coding
2 D759,913 Clothes dryer
3 D759,911 Washing machine
4 D759,910 Washing machine
5 D759,713 Refrigerator with graphical user interface
6 D759,705 Display panel with transitional graphical user interface
7 D759,659 Stand for LCD monitors
8 D759,620 TV receiver
9 D759,619 TV receiver
10 D759,616 TV receiver
11 D759,615 TV receiver
12 D759,614 TV receiver
13 D759,613 TV receiver
14 D759,612 TV receiver
15 D759,611 TV receiver
16 D759,610 TV receiver
17 D759,609 TV receiver
18 D759,608 TV receiver
19 9,374,927 Display device
20 9,374,921 Display apparatus
21 9,374,833 Method and device for exchanging data in wireless communication system
22 9,374,819 Method and device for receiving control information in wireless communication system
23 9,374,813 Method for allocating resources for downlink control channel in wireless communication system and device for same
24 9,374,811 Method and apparatus for transceiving a downlink HARQ in a wireless communication system
25 9,374,808 Method for transmitting control information and apparatus for same
26 9,374,795 Method and terminal for synchronizing downlink
27 9,374,743 Method of handing over UE to small-scale cell in macro cell and environment in which small-scale cell coexists
28 9,374,728 Techniques for measuring a location of UE
29 9,374,718 Method and apparatus for reporting channel quality indicator in wireless communication system
30 9,374,688 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
31 9,374,598 Method for selecting motion vector predictor and device using same
32 9,374,549 Head mounted display and method of outputting audio signal using the same
33 9,374,447 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
34 9,374,424 System for managing home appliances and push service method thereof
35 9,374,258 Method for transmitting or receiving interference information and apparatus therefor
36 9,374,211 Method and apparatus of transmitting scheduling request in wireless communication system
37 9,374,208 Method for channel allocating in wireless access system
38 9,374,203 Method and device for allocating multi transmission timing to at least one timing advance group in a wireless access system for supporting carrier aggregation
39 9,374,144 Method and apparatus for virtualizing antenna in wireless communication system
40 9,373,959 Photovoltaic module
41 9,373,333 Method and apparatus for processing an audio signal
42 9,373,164 Method for controlling operation of refrigerator by using speech recognition, and refrigerator employing same
43 9,373,095 Method of controlling component for network system
44 9,372,611 Electronic device
45 9,372,562 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
46 9,372,545 Mobile terminal and method of controlling therefor
47 9,372,540 Method and electronic device for gesture recognition
48 9,372,029 Low temperature storage apparatus and a method of operating the same
49 9,372,028 Refrigerator
50 9,372,027 Refrigerator and shelf assembly for a refrigerator
51 9,372,010 Apparatus, method for controlling one or more outdoor devices, and air conditioning system having the same
52 9,371,832 Scroll compressor
53 9,371,608 Laundry treatment apparatus
54 9,371,005 Battery management apparatus for an electric vehicle, and method for managing same