LG Electronics patents granted on 21 October 2014

65 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D715,768 Speaker
2 D715,763 Speaker for home theater
3 D715,762 Audio apparatus system
4 D715,759 Cellular phone
5 D715,756 Television receiver with computer
6 D715,755 Television receiver
7 D715,754 Television receiver
8 D715,753 Television receiver
9 8,869,230 Mobile terminal and coupon managing method thereof
10 8,869,225 Digital cable TV receiver, diagnostic method for the digital cable TV receiver, and data structure of DVI status report
11 8,869,219 Method for controlling a channel and an IPTV receiver
12 8,869,216 Method of processing non-real time service and broadcast receiver
13 8,869,206 Digital television and channel editing method thereof
14 8,869,202 Mobile terminal and metadata applying method thereof
15 8,869,074 Mobile terminal
16 8,869,071 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal based on movement of a main body
17 8,868,901 Mobile terminal supporting dual operating systems and a method for controlling thereof
18 8,868,671 Method for selecting a master device in a coexistence system
19 8,868,581 Communication device and method of controlling operation of communication device
20 8,868,248 Smart control device
21 8,868,092 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in wireless communication system
22 8,868,090 Method and apparatus for receiving sensing results in a wireless LAN system
23 8,867,992 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
24 8,867,988 Performing contactless applications in battery off mode
25 8,867,985 Method for relaying data in multi-hop cellular system
26 8,867,666 Device and method supporting multi-carrier waves
27 8,867,648 Method for reporting channel status information in a multiantenna wireless communication system and device for same
28 8,867,640 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
29 8,867,639 Feedback method for virtual MIMO transmission in wireless ad-hoc communication system
30 8,867,607 Method and an apparatus for processing a video signal
31 8,867,590 Method and apparatus for relaying signal in wireless network
32 8,867,562 Method and apparatus for performing random access based on delay determined by network
33 8,867,551 Method for supporting coexistence considering while subchannel allocation in a broadband wireless access system
34 8,867,548 Method and user equipment for transmitting uplink control information
35 8,867,519 PDCCH monitoring method and apparatus in a carrier junction system
36 8,867,499 Method and apparatus for transmitting a signal in a wireless communication system
37 8,867,496 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
38 8,867,474 Method and device for uplink resource allocation
39 8,867,469 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in a wireless communication system
40 8,867,461 Method of transmitting or receiving uplink signals and equipment therefor
41 8,867,457 Method of transmitting control information wireless
42 8,867,450 Method and apparatus for supporting co-located coexistence mode
43 8,867,449 Transmitting data in a mobile communication system
44 8,867,446 Method and apparatus for transceiving signals in a distributed antenna system
45 8,867,441 Wireless apparatus for a multi-carrier system
46 8,867,433 Method of retransmission to reduce the overhead
47 8,867,431 Method and apparatus for multicell cooperative communication
48 8,867,430 Method and apparatus for performing HARQ process in wireless communication system
49 8,867,426 Method and apparatus for providing multimedia broadcast and multicast service (MBMS) in wireless communication system
50 8,867,394 Interference avoidance method and apparatus for supporting same in a wireless LAN system
51 8,867,393 Method and apparatus for allocating a sounding channel in a wireless communication system
52 8,867,332 Method for transmitting data in multiple antenna system
53 8,866,992 Mobile terminal
54 8,866,953 Mobile device and method for controlling the same
55 8,866,886 Method and apparatus for processing and receiving digital broadcast signal for 3-dimensional subtitle
56 8,866,879 Mobile terminal and method of controlling an image photographing therein
57 8,866,857 Apparatus and method for controlling white balance of laser display system
58 8,866,849 Portable device supporting videotelephony of a head mounted display and method of controlling therefor
59 8,866,810 Mobile terminal and display controlling method thereof
60 8,865,074 Sample analysis cartridge and sample analysis cartridge reader
61 8,864,480 Oil recovery member, and motor mechanism and compressor using the same
62 8,863,549 Refrigerator and rapid fluid cooling apparatus
63 8,863,533 Refrigerating cycle apparatus and method for operating the same
64 8,863,405 Clothes dryer
65 8,863,400 Clothes dryer