LG Electronics patents granted on 22 December 2015

42 US patents granted on 22 December 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 9,220,119 Method and apparatus for transceiving a contact verification signal in a wireless communication system
2 9,220,096 Method and device for downlink control channel allocation in wireless communication system
3 9,220,093 Method of supporting data retransmission in a mobile communication system
4 9,220,061 Method for communication based on identifying information assignment and apparatus for the same
5 9,220,030 Method of alleviating interference between cells in a multicell system and device for the method
6 9,220,015 Method and apparatus for receiving available channel information in a wireless LAN system
7 9,219,994 Methods for transmitting and receiving downlink data in MBSFN subframe and apparatuses thereof
8 9,219,946 Method of providing contents information for a network television
9 9,219,927 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
10 9,219,914 Method and an apparatus for decoding a video signal
11 9,219,908 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
12 9,219,875 Image display apparatus and method
13 9,219,812 Mobile terminal
14 9,219,798 Client and server terminals and method for controlling the same
15 9,219,763 Network system
16 9,219,662 Method for application extension and image display apparatus using same
17 9,219,630 Apparatus and method for sending and receiving broadcast signals
18 9,219,593 Device-to-device data transmission method in wireless access system supporting device-to-device communication, and apparatus therefor
19 9,219,590 Method for transmitting effective channel status information in wireless communication system supporting multiple carriers
20 9,219,587 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in multi-antenna system
21 9,219,556 Method of providing an emergency alert service via a mobile broadcasting and apparatus therefor
22 9,219,534 Method and device for signal transmission in a multi-node system
23 9,219,530 Method and apparatus for signal transmission in comp scheme
24 9,219,385 Cooperative wireless power signal transmission method and device
25 9,218,951 Plasma lighting system with light sensor for control based on intensity
26 9,218,763 Display device having display panel with integrated logo
27 9,218,115 Input device and image display apparatus including the same
28 9,217,602 Refrigerator
29 9,217,601 Refrigerator with a convertible compartment
30 9,217,595 Refrigerator
31 9,217,587 Air conditioner
32 9,217,574 Hot water supply apparatus associated with heat pump
33 9,217,573 Cook top unit for cooker
34 9,217,572 Burner cap and burner
35 9,217,550 Lighting apparatus
36 9,217,449 Outdoor unit bracket and outdoor unit comprising the same
37 9,217,433 Synthetic resin bearing and scroll compressor having the same
38 9,217,429 Linear compressor
39 9,217,220 Dryer and foreign material removing apparatus thereof
40 9,217,218 Laundry treating apparatus having a detergent supply module
41 9,216,352 Apparatus and method for generating sensory vibration
42 D746,006 Washing machine