LG Electronics patents granted on 22 March 2011

48 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE42,233 Plasma display apparatus
2 D634,723 Television
3 D634,721 Television
4 7,912,970 Management of multimedia message service using device management technique
5 7,912,586 Integrated management system and method using enhanced remote communication protocol for controlling multi-type air conditioners
6 7,912,521 Folding type mobile terminal
7 7,912,520 Mobile phone
8 7,912,517 Power saving method for mobile communication terminal
9 7,912,514 Electrical power generator, mobile terminal provided with the same and control method thereof
10 7,912,509 Method for automatically switching incoming call signal output mode from vibration to ringtone using vibration detection unit in mobile communication terminal
11 7,912,425 Method of transmitting and receiving information of allocating uplink region in broadband wireless access
12 7,912,338 Recording medium having data structure for managing random/shuffle reproduction of video data recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
13 7,912,303 Apparatus and method for generating thumbnail images
14 7,912,133 Method and device for transmitting uplink signal including data and control information via uplink channel
15 7,912,104 Semiconductor laser diode
16 7,912,041 Method for controlling VCC functions in VCC initiated by terminal and terminal and network server thereof
17 7,912,006 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
18 7,911,991 Apparatus and method for controlling data communication in wireless local area network
19 7,911,969 Wireless communication method for transmitting a sequence of data units between a wireless device and a network
20 7,911,905 Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing management information on/from optical disc
21 7,911,904 Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording management information on write-once optical disc
22 7,911,900 Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording management information on the write-once optical disc
23 7,911,884 Recording medium, and method and apparatus of controlling access to the recording medium
24 7,911,542 Display device and method for labeling AV signal input sources
25 7,911,539 VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
26 7,911,494 Video overlay device of mobile telecommunication terminal
27 7,911,451 Method for searching menu in mobile communication terminal
28 7,911,422 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel using selective writing and erasing
29 7,911,421 Driving device and method for plasma display panel
30 7,911,420 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
31 7,911,417 Method and apparatus for expressing gray levels in a plasma display panel
32 7,911,415 Method of driving plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
33 7,911,413 Method of driving plasma display panel
34 7,911,363 Apparatus and method for inputting characters in portable electronic equipment
35 7,911,141 Plasma display panel having dielectric layer providing improved discharge efficiency
36 7,911,140 Plasma display panel with porous panel
37 7,911,110 Double rotor type motor
38 7,910,866 Cooking apparatus having multiple cooling flow paths
39 7,910,861 Cooking device
40 7,910,251 Fuel cell system
41 7,909,940 Dish washing machine with steam generator and method of controlling same
42 7,909,922 Dehumidifier
43 7,909,486 Light emitting device package and backlight unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
44 7,909,046 Steam dish washing machine with effective positioning and orientation of items to be washed
45 7,908,962 Compressor
46 7,908,895 Laundry treatment apparatus and control method thereof
47 7,908,882 Refrigerator door
48 7,908,766 Clothes dryer