LG Electronics patents granted on 22 September 2015

47 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D739,447 Refrigerator
2 D739,393 Mobile phone
3 D739,392 Mobile phone
4 D739,390 Stand for TV receiver
5 D739,377 Wireless headset
6 D739,374 Audio apparatus
7 D739,371 Mobile phone
8 D739,370 Mobile phone
9 D739,369 Cellular phone
10 D739,367 Cellular phone
11 9,144,099 Method and apparatus for transmitting frame in WLAN system
12 9,144,088 Method and apparatus for channel access in wireless LAN system
13 9,144,070 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
14 9,144,069 Method and device for transmitting and receiving downlink control channel for controlling inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
15 9,144,068 Method for transmitting and receiving signals in consideration of time alignment timer and user equipment for the same
16 9,144,043 Method for acquiring time synchronization in a heterogeneous network and apparatus for the same
17 9,144,035 Terminal equipment and method for controlling uplink transmission power
18 9,143,971 Apparatus and method for estimating a location of a mobile station in a wireless local area network
19 9,143,970 Method and apparatus for receiving a timing advance command in a wireless communication system
20 9,143,891 Method for providing location service for roaming terminal
21 9,143,824 Display apparatus connected with at least one device via integrated wire interface and controlling method thereof
22 9,143,822 Method for transceiving a broadcast signal and broadcast-receiving using same
23 9,143,771 Image display device and method for operating the same
24 9,143,717 Broadcast receiver and method of providing preferred channel thereof
25 9,143,589 Mobile terminal intended to more efficiently display content on the mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
26 9,143,344 Network system including an air conditioning apparatus and a method for controlling an air conditioning apparatus
27 9,143,304 Uplink signal transmission method via a competition-based uplink channel
28 9,143,299 Method and device for transmitting a sounding reference signal
29 9,143,298 Method for transmitting sounding reference signal in multiple antenna wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
30 9,143,294 Method of using component carrier by relay station in multi-carrier system and relay station
31 9,143,285 Method and apparatus of transmitting ACK/NACK
32 9,143,271 Broadcasting signal transmitting apparatus, broadcast signal receiving apparatus, and broadcast signal transceiving method in a broadcast signal transceiving apparatus
33 9,143,226 Method and apparatus for ranging transmission by mobile station in wireless communication system
34 9,143,225 Method and apparatus for ranging transmission by mobile station in wireless communication system
35 9,143,207 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in multiple input multiple output communication system
36 9,142,697 Solar cell
37 9,142,182 Device and control method thereof
38 9,141,768 Terminal and control method thereof
39 9,141,273 Mobile terminal and method of controlling mobile terminal
40 9,141,250 Mobile terminal and method for providing user interface using the same
41 9,141,218 Electronic device and control method thereof
42 9,140,929 Optical assembly, backlight unit and display apparatus thereof
43 9,140,474 Air conditioner
44 9,140,472 Refrigerator with convertible chamber and operation method thereof
45 9,139,944 Washing method
46 9,138,118 Vacuum cleaner
47 9,138,056 Home appliance having movable door handle