LG Electronics patents granted on 23 February 2016

44 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,902 Method of transmitting data using repetition coding
2 D750,080 Keyboard for portable terminals
3 D750,052 Television receiver
4 D750,038 Mobile phone
5 D750,037 Mobile phone
6 9,271,337 Induction heating cooking apparatus and control method thereof
7 9,271,320 Method for performing communication between devices in a wireless access system, and device for same
8 9,271,309 Method and apparatus of requesting channel access in wireless local area network
9 9,271,283 Method and user equipment for transmitting channel state information and method and base station for receiving channel state information
10 9,271,277 Method and apparatus for relaying data in wireless communication system based on TDD
11 9,271,265 Method and device for information transmission in wireless communication system
12 9,271,245 Method for determining transmission power
13 9,271,191 Method and apparatus for transmitting data frame in WLAN system
14 9,271,180 Method of limiting transmission rate
15 9,271,172 Method and apparatus for processing NAS signaling request in wireless communication system
16 9,271,154 Method and apparatus for dynamic frequency selection in wireless local area network system
17 9,271,150 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
18 9,271,114 Augmented reality (AR) target updating method, and terminal and server employing same
19 9,271,107 Connection establishment method and apparatus for MTC UE
20 9,271,027 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
21 9,270,979 Apparatus and method for measuring 3-dimensional interocular crosstalk
22 9,270,921 Method of controlling display characteristic and display apparatus using the same
23 9,270,805 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
24 9,270,438 Method for channel sounding in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same
25 9,270,434 Communication method using a carrier aggregation and apparatus therefore
26 9,270,432 Method for transmitting reference signal for terminal demodulation in radio mobile communication system, and apparatus for implementing the same
27 9,270,399 Method and apparatus for transmitting ACK/NACK in a wireless communication system based on TDD
28 9,270,392 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
29 9,270,356 Channel-sounding method using a plurality of antennas, and apparatus for same
30 9,270,348 Method of transmitting and receiving MIMO feedback information in wireless communication system, mobile station and base station
31 9,269,839 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
32 9,269,245 Region of interest based video synopsis
33 9,269,177 Method for processing image and apparatus for processing image
34 9,269,170 Apparatus and method for processing digital image
35 9,268,463 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
36 9,268,318 Air conditioner, method for controlling outdoor units thereof, and central control system having the same
37 9,267,732 Refrigerator
38 9,267,731 Refrigerator
39 9,267,727 Refrigerator
40 9,267,720 Air conditioner and method of controlling the same
41 9,267,716 Heat exchanger and an air conditioning system having the same
42 9,267,229 Dryer and method for controlling the same
43 9,266,049 Air-conditioner and controlling method thereof
44 9,265,392 Vacuum cleaner