LG Electronics patents granted on 23 July 2013

51 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE44,391 Apparatus and method of interacting with a mobile phone using a TV system
2 D686,644 Kimchi refrigerator
3 D686,586 Mobile phone
4 D686,585 Television receiver
5 D686,584 Television receiver
6 D686,583 Television receiver
7 8,495,695 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
8 8,495,684 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
9 8,495,477 Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
10 8,495,461 Data modulation method, modulator, recording method, and recording apparatus
11 8,495,457 Receiving/transmitting system and data processing method in the receiving/transmitting system
12 8,495,451 Transmitting system and method of transmitting digital broadcast signal in transmitting system
13 8,495,446 Method for transmitting and receiving data according to HARQ process and mobile communication terminal thereof
14 8,495,213 Terminal and method for managing secure devices
15 8,494,667 Apparatus for encoding and decoding audio signal and method thereof
16 8,494,594 Method for controlling power saving mode of UE in the mobile communication system
17 8,494,570 Method for allocating control channels
18 8,494,529 Server for control plane at mobile communication network and method for controlling SIPTO based session
19 8,494,511 Method for controlling a mobile terminal based on status response information received from an external terminal
20 8,494,498 Mobile terminal and displaying method thereof
21 8,494,494 Mobile terminal and method of controlling mobile terminal
22 8,494,348 Method of managing and reproducing additional audio files of an interactive optical disc
23 8,494,158 Method of downloading software in digital broadcast receiver
24 8,494,083 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing broadcast signal in transmitting/receiving system
25 8,494,079 Method for efficiently performing multi-BS MIMO operation in a broadband wireless access system
26 8,494,078 Method for transmitting data in wireless communication system
27 8,494,067 Pilot transmission method in a wireless communication system
28 8,494,060 Inter-layer prediction method for video signal
29 8,494,046 Method and an apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal by performing illumination compensation
30 8,494,042 Inter-layer prediction method for video signal
31 8,494,006 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal in wireless communication system supporting multiple antennas
32 8,493,994 Random access scheme for user equipment
33 8,493,964 Method of performing cell search in wireless communication system
34 8,493,949 Method of exchanging message and devices in wireless network
35 8,493,948 Method of exchanging message and devices in wireless network
36 8,493,924 Preamble generation method for random access in a wireless communication system
37 8,493,920 Method for transmitting voice packets in wireless communication system
38 8,493,914 Method and apparatus for transmitting recording information for uplink transmission in multi base station MIMO system
39 8,493,912 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
40 8,493,911 Method of restricting scheduling request for effective data transmission
41 8,493,908 Method of allocating uplink transmission channels in a communication system
42 8,493,895 Method for transmitting sub-frame designation information to a downlink in a radio communication system
43 8,493,854 Method for avoiding collision using identifier in mobile network
44 8,493,837 Method of transmitting reference signal and transmitter using the same
45 8,493,836 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink signals using optimized rank 3 codebook
46 8,493,514 Apparatus for controlling color temperature
47 8,493,439 Apparatus for displaying 3D image
48 8,490,441 Washing machine
49 8,490,438 Laundry treatment device
50 8,490,426 Door basket for refrigerator
51 8,490,421 Controlling process for refrigerator