LG Electronics patents granted on 23 June 2009

23 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D594,833 Cellular phone
2 D594,692 Microwave oven
3 7,552,263 Portable computer and method of controlling the same
4 7,552,158 Digital filter and digital broadcasting receiver having the same
5 7,551,900 Apparatus and method for transmitting call holding message in mobile communication terminal
6 7,551,845 Method for reproducing optical disc having plurality of titles
7 7,551,692 Frequency recovery apparatus and method for use in digital broadcast receiver
8 7,551,643 Method for setting user equipment identifier in radio communication system
9 7,551,639 Method of transmitting packet data in a communication system
10 7,551,625 Method of scheduling an uplink packet transmission channel in a mobile communication system
11 7,551,589 Frame structure of uplink control information transmission channel in MIMO communication system
12 7,551,584 Apparatus and method for controlling reverse-link data transmission rate
13 7,551,531 Optical recording medium having recording capacity information and method for indicating recording capacity
14 7,551,236 Communication system in digital television
15 7,551,160 Touch pad apparatus for a portable computer
16 7,551,150 Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
17 7,550,922 Plasma display panel
18 7,550,920 Organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing the same
19 7,550,036 Gas concentrator
20 7,549,757 Device and method for adjusting color wheel index
21 7,549,614 Automatic height adjustment leg of laundry handling apparatus and laundry handling apparatus
22 7,549,305 Door on drum type washing machine or laundry dryer
23 7,549,300 Radiating apparatus of built-in refrigerator