LG Electronics patents granted on 24 June 2014

45 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D707,735 Door for refrigerator
2 D707,734 Refrigerator
3 D707,650 Cellular phone
4 D707,649 Cellular phone
5 D707,648 Mobile phone
6 D707,647 Mobile phone
7 D707,646 Mobile phone
8 D707,645 Mobile phone
9 8,763,051 Method and apparatus for receiving signal
10 8,763,043 Digital TV and method for controlling same
11 8,763,040 Method of processing transmit streams independently to display multiple broadcasts at the same time and a receiver for implementing the same
12 8,762,896 Mobile terminal and method of displaying information in mobile terminal
13 8,762,819 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
14 8,762,816 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
15 8,762,157 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding object-based audio signals
16 8,761,844 Power consumption control apparatus in PDA phone
17 8,761,836 Mobile terminal
18 8,761,748 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
19 8,761,690 Method of operating relay station in wireless communication system
20 8,761,590 Mobile terminal capable of providing multiplayer game and operating method thereof
21 8,761,293 Method and apparatus for transmitting a feedback channel in a wireless communication system
22 8,761,286 Method for transmitting channel quality information in a multiple input multiple output system
23 8,761,255 Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal with inter-view reference picture list construction
24 8,761,252 Method and apparatus for scalably encoding and decoding video signal
25 8,761,242 Method and an apparatus for processing a video signal
26 8,761,105 Apparatus and method for performing HARQ procedure
27 8,761,098 Method for transmitting pilot symbols in downlink multiple-input multiple-output system
28 8,761,096 Performing random access procedures using extended random access response
29 8,761,090 Method and apparatus for uplink transmission in multi-antenna system
30 8,761,078 Method and apparatus for setting a frame in a wireless communication system comprising a relay station
31 8,761,077 Control signal transmitting method and apparatus in relay station
32 8,761,075 Method for transmitting control signal to relay node at base station in MIMO wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
33 8,761,063 Method and apparatus for transmitting a packet in a wireless network
34 8,761,059 Method for transmitting relay node-specific control channel
35 8,760,576 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
36 8,760,553 Mobile terminal and image transmitting method therein
37 8,760,503 Image display apparatus and operation method therefor
38 8,760,495 Method and apparatus for processing video signal
39 8,760,448 Mobile terminal having a touchscreen for displaying a 3-dimensional (3D) user interface and controlling method thereof
40 8,760,414 Mobile terminal
41 8,760,350 Mobile terminal
42 8,759,140 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
43 8,758,513 Processing apparatus
44 8,756,957 Tub for a washing machine with a bearing housing inserted therein
45 8,756,942 Refrigerator and method for controlling the same