LG Electronics patents granted on 24 May 2016

64 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE46,015 DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
2 D757,239 Dehumidifier
3 D757,131 Refrigerator door
4 D757,129 Handle for refrigerator
5 D757,128 Dispenser for refrigerators
6 D757,093 Display panel with transitional graphical user interface
7 D757,039 Multimedia terminal with graphical user interface
8 D757,004 Head mounted display device
9 D757,001 Mobile phone
10 D756,982 Case for cellular phone
11 D756,981 Case for cellular phone
12 D756,972 Wireless headset
13 D756,971 Wireless headset
14 D756,969 Remote control
15 D756,959 Wireless headset
16 D756,958 Wireless headset
17 D756,951 Cellular phone
18 D756,950 Mobile phone
19 D756,949 Cellular phone
20 D756,948 Cellular phone
21 9,351,336 Method for supporting communication using two or more radio access technologies and apparatus for same
22 9,351,316 Method and apparatus of accessing channel in wireless communication system
23 9,351,289 Method for transmitting uplink control information and user equipment, and method for receiving uplink control information and base station
24 9,351,256 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
25 9,351,226 Communication method and apparatus based on association mechanism in wireless local area network system
26 9,351,225 Method for supporting mobility of user equipment in wireless communication system, and device supporting the same
27 9,351,178 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
28 9,351,161 Method and apparatus for performing handover in consideration of authentication procedure
29 9,351,099 Scheduling method in wireless communication system and device therefor
30 9,351,042 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
31 9,351,034 Differentiated PSIP table interval technology
32 9,351,031 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
33 9,350,941 Method for connecting video communication to other device, video communication apparatus and display apparatus thereof
34 9,350,846 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
35 9,350,836 Apparatus having a flexible display and method of controlling the same
36 9,350,695 Method for transferring and storing CPM service message and service thereof
37 9,350,510 Method and apparatus for acquiring control information in a wireless communication system
38 9,350,503 Method for transceiving preamble in wireless access system and apparatus for same
39 9,350,502 Method and apparatus for transmitting synchronization signal in wireless communication system
40 9,350,490 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
41 9,350,476 Method and user equipment for measuring interference, and method and base station for receiving interference information
42 9,350,472 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving broadcast signals
43 9,350,440 Method and apparatus for subset network coding with multiple antennas by relay node in wireless communication system
44 9,350,434 Channel sounding method in wireless local area network system and apparatus for supporting the same
45 9,350,428 Method and apparatus of link adaptation in wireless local area network
46 9,350,409 Mobile terminal and inner frame provided therein
47 9,350,397 Method for transmitting an uplink reference signal in a multi-node system and terminal using same
48 9,350,183 Mobile terminal
49 9,350,174 Network system
50 9,349,884 Solar cell
51 9,349,350 Method for providing contents along with virtual information and a digital device for the same
52 9,349,192 Method and apparatus for processing video signal
53 9,348,691 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signal, apparatus for receiving broadcast signal, and method for transmitting/receiving broadcast signal through apparatus for transmitting/receiving broadcasting signal
54 9,348,509 Property modification of an application object
55 9,348,441 Electronic device and method of controlling the same
56 9,348,142 Detachable head mount display device and method for controlling the same
57 9,347,788 Navigation method of mobile terminal and apparatus thereof
58 9,347,703 Refrigerator
59 9,347,697 Air conditioner and control method thereof
60 9,347,683 Hot water supply apparatus associated with heat pump
61 9,347,169 Additive injecting apparatus and laundry treatment machine including the same
62 9,347,167 Home appliance, home appliance system, and method for operating same
63 9,347,165 Washing machine
64 9,347,164 Washer