LG Electronics patents granted on 24 November 2015

46 US patents granted on 24 November 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D743,992 Television with graphical user interface
2 D743,973 Display screen with transitional graphical user interface
3 D743,940 Speaker for television receivers
4 D743,938 Speaker for television receiver
5 D743,933 Bluetooth headset
6 9,198,229 Method and apparatus for transreceiving data in radio access system supporting multiple radio access technology
7 9,198,176 Method of allocating a resource in a wireless communication system and device for same
8 9,198,173 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
9 9,198,170 Method for transmitting ACK/NACK information and method for receiving ACK/NACK information, user device, and base station
10 9,198,169 Method and device for a relay node to transmit a sounding reference signal to a base station in a wireless communication system
11 9,198,164 Method of making a coexistence decision on centralized topology
12 9,198,125 Method of performing power save multi-poll (PSMP) procedure wireless local access network system and station supporting the procedure
13 9,198,101 Method for transmitting control information in wireless communication system and device therefor
14 9,198,094 Method for setting search space for handover of relay node in wireless communication system, and device therefor
15 9,198,047 Method and apparatus for transceiving signals in a distributed antenna system
16 9,198,039 Method and device for updating firmware based on device management command
17 9,198,005 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
18 9,197,997 Method for position update in M2M communication, and apparatus using same
19 9,197,985 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
20 9,197,983 Method for allocating a ranging channel in a wireless communication system and base station for same
21 9,197,884 System, apparatus, and method for displaying 3-dimensional image and location tracking device
22 9,197,737 Mobile terminal and vibration power control method therof
23 9,197,730 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
24 9,197,472 Broadcast signal transmitter, broadcast signal receiver, and method for transceiving broadcast signals in broadcast signal transceivers
25 9,197,437 Home appliance, home appliance diagnostic system, and method
26 9,197,430 Method for receiving multicast service and terminal employing same
27 9,197,415 Method and apparatus of cipher communication for management frame using quality of service mechanism in wireless local area network system
28 9,197,392 Transmitting spread signal in communication system
29 9,197,389 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel quality control information in wireless access system
30 9,197,386 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a reference signal in a wireless communication system
31 9,197,384 Method and device for uplink resource allocation
32 9,197,383 Method and apparatus for information transmission in a radio communication system
33 9,197,363 Method and device for receiving downlink signal
34 9,196,963 Mobile terminal
35 9,196,112 Clothes treating apparatus with metal control panel
36 9,196,059 Method and apparatus for processing video signals using boundary intra coding
37 9,195,963 Electronic device and method for social networking service
38 9,195,960 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
39 9,195,882 Mobile terminal and group generating method therein
40 9,195,273 Detachable dual mobile terminal
41 9,195,219 Smart watch and control method thereof
42 9,194,618 Air conditioner
43 9,194,386 Linear compressor having a controller and method for controlling a linear compressor
44 9,194,076 Method for controlling laundry machine
45 9,194,073 Laundry machine having a drying function
46 9,194,072 Washing apparatus and control method thereof