LG Electronics patents granted on 25 December 2007

15 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D557,958 Holder for supporting a roll film
2 7,313,413 Radio frequency receiving apparatus and method of mobile communication terminal
3 7,313,408 Method and apparatus for enhancing packet service performance of a mobile communication terminal
4 7,313,395 Adaptive data rate control method
5 7,313,314 Recording medium, method and apparatus for providing management information
6 7,313,254 Method for extracting object region
7 7,313,065 Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing management information on/from optical disc
8 7,312,985 Cooler of notebook personal computer and fabrication method thereof
9 7,312,833 Channel equalizing apparatus and method for digital television receiver
10 7,312,792 Method and apparatus for driving a plasma display panel
11 7,312,755 Internal antenna of wireless communication terminal
12 7,312,578 Plasma lighting bulb with metal provided in grooves formed on surface thereof
13 7,312,571 Organic electroluminescent device including layer having uneven patterns
14 7,311,396 Barcode marking method and apparatus for electro-luminescence display device
15 7,310,854 Dust cover of vacuum cleaner