LG Electronics patents granted on 26 April 2016

52 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D754,937 Clothes dryer
2 D754,837 Air deflector for ceiling air conditioner
3 D754,761 Refrigerator
4 D754,760 Door for refrigerator
5 D754,680 Display of a television receiver with graphical user interface
6 D754,629 Home theater speaker
7 D754,624 Cellular phone
8 D754,465 Electric range
9 9,326,355 Control panel, control method thereof and clothes treating apparatus having the same
10 9,326,319 Mobile terminal
11 9,326,299 Method for receiving data and wireless device
12 9,326,285 Method for setting service period in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
13 9,326,281 Method and apparatus for communicating by using different types of carriers in radio communication system supporting carrier aggregation
14 9,326,274 Apparatus and method for transmitting a MAC PDU based on MAC header type information
15 9,326,256 Method and apparatus for identifying channel information in a wireless network
16 9,326,245 Method of monitoring control channel in wireless communication system
17 9,326,231 Method and apparatus for selecting cell in wireless communication system
18 9,326,215 Method for performing handover procedure and creating data
19 9,326,178 Method for measuring and reporting CSI-RS in wireless communication system, and apparatus for supporting same
20 9,326,164 Method for detecting failures of random access procedures
21 9,326,162 Method and apparatus for limiting transmission of in-device coexistence indication message in wireless communication system
22 9,326,159 Representative device selection method in coexistence scheme
23 9,326,045 Transmission method for broadcast service, reception method therefor, and reception apparatus therefor
24 9,325,828 Headset operable with mobile terminal using short range communication
25 9,325,782 Information providing apparatus and method thereof
26 9,325,770 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
27 9,325,555 Method and device for tracking synchronization
28 9,325,531 Correlation ID for local IP access
29 9,325,510 Method and device for controlling Ad-Hoc network in CPNS enabler
30 9,325,482 Method for coordinated scheduling in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
31 9,325,481 Method for performing channel interleaving in a multi-antenna wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
32 9,325,474 Method for base station transmitting downlink control channel in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
33 9,325,473 Method of transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
34 9,325,472 Method and apparatus for signal transceiving in wireless communication system
35 9,325,461 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in multiple antenna system
36 9,325,438 Broadcast-signal transmitter/receiver and method for transmitting/receiving broadcast signals
37 9,325,411 Method and device for transmitting ACK/NACK in TDD-based wireless communication system
38 9,325,187 Structure of transmission and reception unit in wireless charging system
39 9,325,186 Charging area displayable wireless charger and controlling method thereof
40 9,325,079 Mobile terminal
41 9,324,886 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
42 9,324,379 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
43 9,324,336 Method of managing a jitter buffer, and jitter buffer using same
44 9,324,251 Stereoscopic display device and mobile device having the same
45 9,324,134 Display apparatus and control method thereof
46 9,323,455 Mobile terminal and method of controlling an external mobile terminal
47 9,323,324 Mobile terminal and operation control method thereof
48 9,323,271 Electricity management apparatus and electricity management method
49 9,322,592 Refrigerator
50 9,322,591 Refrigerator including multiple storage compartments
51 9,322,273 Scroll compressor with Oldham ring
52 9,321,958 Yellow light emitting phosphor and light emitting device package using the same