LG Electronics patents granted on 26 August 2014

38 US patents granted on 26 August 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D711,899 Refrigerator with graphical user interface
2 8,819,753 Multi-functional display device and method for controlling the same
3 8,819,752 Apparatus and method for transmitting video data from mobile communication terminal
4 8,819,501 Effective method and device for transmitting control information for supporting uplink multi-antenna transmission
5 8,819,166 Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored a networked media server
6 8,819,165 Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
7 8,819,112 Method, system and terminal for changing a management object of broadcast service guide
8 8,818,460 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
9 8,818,445 Power control method for interference alignment in wireless network
10 8,818,442 Method for controlling signal transmission power and device for same
11 8,818,164 Method of reproducing transport stream in video apparatus and video apparatus using the same
12 8,818,003 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
13 8,817,856 Method and apparatus for controlling suspend mode in dual modem device
14 8,817,812 Method of controlling connection between nodes in digital interface
15 8,817,754 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal in wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas
16 8,817,739 Frequency hopping pattern and method for transmitting uplink signals using the same
17 8,817,738 Apparatus and method for transceiving downlink control information
18 8,817,737 Method of transmitting and receiving data in a mobile communication network
19 8,817,732 Method for transmitting control channel to relay node in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
20 8,817,726 Uplink transmission method and apparatus in wireless communication system
21 8,817,712 Apparatus for providing location based service and method thereof
22 8,817,692 Method and apparatus for allocating resources in a wireless communication system
23 8,817,646 Method and apparatus for managing system information in wireless communication system supporting multi-carriers
24 8,817,607 SIP based session setup method and terminal thereof
25 8,817,181 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
26 8,817,180 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
27 8,817,160 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
28 8,817,047 Portable device and method of controlling therefor
29 8,816,913 Mobile terminal
30 8,816,623 Motor controlling apparatus and method of the same
31 8,814,546 Compressor
32 8,814,409 Mobile terminal
33 8,814,285 Refrigerator
34 8,814,284 Refrigerator
35 8,813,995 Refrigerator and refrigerator door
36 8,813,739 Burner assembly and cooking appliance
37 8,813,517 Air conditioner and air conditioning system
38 8,813,516 Refrigerator with visible light radiation