LG Electronics patents granted on 26 January 2010

28 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE41,090 Methods and apparatuses for recording information on and reproducing information from a recording medium and the recording medium
2 RE41,089 Method of decoding a current image
3 D608,761 Audio device
4 7,653,922 Digital television signal for receiving PSIP data, method of processing digital television signal, and digital television receiver
5 7,653,856 Method and apparatus for transmitting acknowledgement signals
6 7,653,533 Removing time delays in signal paths
7 7,653,484 Method for determining deviation of a mobile object in a navigation system from a travel route
8 7,653,461 Electric device with control means for calculating food poisoning index or degree based on weather information received through pager network
9 7,653,343 Digital multimedia broadcasting system and method for managing multimedia broadcast channels
10 7,653,027 Method for transmitting and receiving data
11 7,653,025 Scheduling shared channels and scheduler in wireless packet system
12 7,652,972 Nano data writing and reading apparatus using cantilever structure and fabrication method thereof
13 7,652,960 Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
14 7,652,642 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
15 7,652,640 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
16 7,652,427 Plasma display panel
17 7,652,424 Organic light emitting device
18 7,652,420 Organic electroluminescent device and method for fabricating the same
19 7,652,295 Light emitting device having light extraction structure and method for manufacturing the same
20 7,652,232 Coffee maker and microwave oven and method for controlling the same
21 7,651,752 Super resolution optical disc
22 7,651,737 Paste composition, and a green sheet, for forming a dielectric layer, and a method for forming a dielectric layer of plasma display panel
23 7,651,323 Smart control valve for compressors
24 7,651,256 Ventilation/illumination duct, ventilation/illumination system using the ventilation/illumination duct, and control method for the ventilation/illumination system
25 7,651,058 Stand assembly for monitor
26 7,650,759 Apparatus for controlling refrigerant level
27 7,650,709 Air conditioner
28 7,650,668 Upright vacuum cleaner