LG Electronics patents granted on 26 July 2011

34 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D642,292 LED lamp
2 D642,207 Refrigerator
3 D642,173 External CD-ROM drive
4 D642,152 Mobile phone
5 D642,151 Mobile phone
6 D642,148 LCD television receiver
7 D642,147 Television receiver
8 D642,146 Television receiver
9 D642,145 Television receiver
10 D642,123 Charger for mobile phone
11 D642,042 Knob for gas range
12 7,987,463 Device management scheduling method and apparatus thereof
13 7,987,096 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding object-based audio signals
14 7,987,009 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signals
15 7,987,008 Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal
16 7,986,975 Mobile terminal and method of playing a video from a website
17 7,986,949 Method for performing handover in broadband wireless access system
18 7,986,942 Method and apparatus for managing message history data for a mobile communication device
19 7,986,924 Impedance control apparatus and method for portable mobile communication terminal
20 7,986,882 Output current pumping circuit and remote controller using the same
21 7,986,788 Method and an apparatus for decoding an audio signal
22 7,986,715 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
23 7,986,675 Method of allocating uplink transmission channels in a communication system
24 7,986,664 Point to point radio bearers for a broadcasting service
25 7,986,633 Method of controlling data transmission for multimedia and broadcasting services in a broadband wireless access system
26 7,986,609 Optical recording medium
27 7,986,350 Mobile terminal and operating method thereof
28 7,986,309 Electronic device with touch screen and method of displaying information using the same
29 7,986,305 Method for searching menu in mobile communication terminal
30 7,986,284 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
31 7,985,610 Solar cell, method of forming emitter layer of solar cell, and method of manufacturing solar cell
32 7,985,300 Dishwasher and assembly method thereof
33 7,984,623 Refrigerator for controlling cool air supplied to a refrigerating chamber independently of cool air supplied to a freezing chamber
34 7,984,617 Method of controlling compressor for refrigerator and apparatus thereof