LG Electronics patents granted on 26 June 2012

26 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,496 Method and apparatus for compensating reproduced audio signals of an optical disc
2 RE43,495 Method and apparatus for compensating reproduced audio signals of an optical disc
3 D662,499 Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor
4 8,209,584 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing broadcasting signal in transmitting/receiving system
5 8,209,397 Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
6 8,208,974 Method of performing actions related to handover by a mobile station that is in power saving mode in a wireless mobile communication system
7 8,208,967 Mobile communication terminal which displays screen location information and method of controlling the mobile communication terminal
8 8,208,965 Displaying broadcast information in a mobile communication terminal
9 8,208,944 Dual mode terminal supporting location-based services and control method for the same
10 8,208,641 Method and apparatus for processing a media signal
11 8,208,576 Data transmitting and receiving method using phase shift based precoding and transceiver supporting the same
12 8,208,546 Method of decoding a macroblock based on a macroblock level of the macroblock
13 8,208,501 Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
14 8,208,451 Direct link setup procedure in tunneled direct link setup wireless network and station supporting the procedure
15 8,208,441 Method of mapping resource unit in wireless communication system
16 8,208,440 Method of communication supporting media independent handover
17 8,208,429 Method for performing initial ranging in wireless communication system
18 8,208,419 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
19 8,208,402 Changing a radio access configuration between a terminal and a network
20 8,208,366 Method of resolving overlaps in data transmission and user equipment therefor
21 8,208,022 Apparatus and method for removing blooming of camera image
22 8,207,832 Haptic effect provisioning for a mobile communication terminal
23 8,207,552 Thin film light emitting diode
24 8,206,309 Blood pressure monitoring apparatus and method
25 8,206,015 Light emitting diode based lamp
26 8,205,463 Air conditioner and method of controlling the same