LG Electronics patents granted on 27 January 2015

36 US patents granted on 27 January 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D721,694 Case for cellular phone
2 D721,693 Case for cellular phone
3 D721,692 Case for cellular phone
4 D721,691 Case for mobile phones
5 D721,690 Case for mobile phones
6 D721,680 Mobile phone
7 D721,673 Bluetooth headset
8 D721,670 Mobile phone
9 8,943,427 Method for providing user interface based on multiple displays and mobile terminal using the same
10 8,943,416 Mobile terminal and method of displaying information therein
11 8,942,770 Mobile terminal adjusting brightness display and corresponding control method
12 8,942,703 Method for switching service of management device serving network or device
13 8,942,630 Terminal and method of improving interference in a terminal
14 8,942,626 Electronic device and method for operating an electronic device
15 8,942,427 Method and an apparatus for displaying a 3-dimensional image
16 8,942,322 Method of relay node using reference signal and relay node using the method
17 8,942,214 Method for channel sounding in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same
18 8,942,196 Downlink control information receiving method in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
19 8,942,175 Method for controlling MTC service network overload in mobile communication system and device thereof
20 8,942,153 Method for transmitting and receiving data using a plurality of carriers
21 8,942,149 Method and apparatus for transmitting a broadcasting service in a system that supports machine to machine communications
22 8,942,105 Method for processing traffic in an intermediate access point
23 8,942,101 Method for relaying data performed by a relay station in wireless communication system based on TDD
24 8,942,081 Method for transmitting control information and base station, and method for receiving control information and user equipment
25 8,941,781 Projector, apparatus and method for driving optical scanner thereof
26 8,941,767 Mobile device and method for controlling the same
27 8,941,721 Mobile terminal and method for controlling operation of the mobile terminal
28 8,941,648 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
29 8,941,627 Driving a light scanner
30 8,941,587 Method and device for gesture recognition diagnostics for device orientation
31 8,941,041 Cooking apparatus having a cooling system
32 8,939,741 Scroll compressor
33 8,939,067 Cooker
34 8,938,856 Display device
35 8,938,835 Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine
36 8,938,834 Fabric treating apparatus and method for controlling the same