LG Electronics patents granted on 27 March 2012

41 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D656,694 Laundry countertop
2 D656,692 Dishwasher
3 D656,596 Air conditioner
4 D656,531 Webcam
5 D656,499 Mouse
6 D656,485 Speaker for home theater
7 D656,477 Cellular phone
8 8,146,118 Recording medium having a data structure for managing reproduction of menu data and recording and reproducing apparatuses and methods
9 8,145,979 DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing television signal
10 8,145,757 Method for changing service quality of a content adaptively
11 8,145,497 Media interface for converting voice to text
12 8,145,381 Transmitting data of a telematics terminal
13 8,145,279 Method of supporting operation of sleep mode in a wideband radio access system
14 8,145,273 Mobile terminal and call content management method thereof
15 8,145,269 Mobile terminal and method for displaying menu on the same
16 8,145,227 Method of determining an access mode of cell in a wireless communication system
17 8,145,216 Mobile terminal and method of displaying channel therein
18 8,145,163 Methods of detection of received signal in communication system
19 8,145,033 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproducton duration of still pictures recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
20 8,145,032 Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium
21 8,144,805 Method for setting cyclic shift considering frequency offset
22 8,144,795 Method for encoding space-time codes in a wireless communication system having multiple antennas
23 8,144,790 Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
24 8,144,788 DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
25 8,144,655 Method of scheduling broadcast messages for transmitting system information
26 8,144,648 Method and apparatus for selecting MBMS radio bearer type
27 8,144,571 Method of transmitting and processing data and transmitter in a wireless communication system
28 8,144,267 Display apparatus
29 8,144,258 DTV receiving system and method of processing DTV signal
30 8,144,082 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
31 8,143,994 Apparatus and method for authenticating a telematics terminal in vehicle
32 8,143,784 Display device
33 8,143,560 Cooking apparatus
34 8,142,706 Device and method for injection molding product having hydrophobic pattern
35 8,142,160 High speed type impeller having a reinforcing ring
36 8,142,111 Support platform of non-contact transfer apparatus
37 8,142,064 Image display apparatus
38 8,141,748 Dispenser related technology
39 8,141,747 Dispenser related technology
40 8,141,382 Dispenser related technology
41 8,141,376 Air conditioning system having a pressure compensation device