LG Electronics patents granted on 27 May 2014

45 US patents granted on 27 May 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D705,793 Display of mobile phone with transitional graphical user interface
2 D705,725 Charger for mobile phones
3 8,739,209 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
4 8,739,057 Diagnostic system and method for a mobile communication terminal
5 8,739,039 Terminal and controlling method thereof
6 8,739,014 Method for determining transport block size and signal transmission method using the same
7 8,739,013 Method for detecting control information in wireless communication system
8 8,738,982 Method of communication in mobile communication system
9 8,738,913 Method of deriving and updating traffic encryption key
10 8,738,903 Method for identifying mobile station
11 8,738,713 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
12 8,738,086 Terminal and method for controlling operation of the terminal
13 8,738,068 Apparatus for controlling transmission data and method thereof
14 8,738,047 Terminal and method of having conversation using instant messaging service therein
15 8,737,945 Method for measuring inter-frequency
16 8,737,919 Video display apparatus and method of setting user viewing conditions
17 8,737,819 Electronic device and media contents reproducing method thereof
18 8,737,488 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding
19 8,737,344 Method and device for uplink resource allocation
20 8,737,337 Method and apparatus for transmitting a sounding signal in a multiple input multiple output wireless mobile communication system
21 8,737,334 Method for transmitting a sounding reference signal in an uplink comp communication system, and apparatus for same
22 8,737,332 Method of transmitting and receiving an acknowledgement in a wireless system
23 8,737,307 Apparatus for performing comp communication using a precoded sounding reference signal and method of the same
24 8,737,305 Method for allocating resources in broadband wireless access system
25 8,737,303 Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a channel in a wireless communication system
26 8,737,289 Method for transmitting and receiving signal of relay in radio communication system supporting multiple carriers
27 8,737,287 Scheduling method and apparatus in a relay communication system
28 8,737,277 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel quality control information in wireless access system
29 8,737,274 Scheduling method, MS apparatus using the scheduling method, data transmission method, and BS apparatus using the data transmission method in wireless communication system
30 8,737,257 Method and apparatus for adjusting sound reference signal transmission power
31 8,737,253 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel status information efficiently in a multi-carrier wireless communication system
32 8,736,657 Mobile terminal and method of processing call signal therein
33 8,735,780 Heater supporter and electric hob including the same
34 8,734,640 Water purifying apparatus
35 8,733,972 Lighting apparatus
36 8,733,970 Lighting apparatus with light controlling reflective layer
37 8,733,867 Drawer and refrigerator including the same
38 8,733,863 Washing machine
39 8,733,796 Robot cleaner
40 8,733,137 Washing machine
41 8,733,134 Auxiliary laundry treating machine and multiple treating system including the same
42 8,733,124 Refrigerator having quick chilling compartment
43 8,733,116 Oil level detecting device for a compressor and an air conditioning system having the same
44 8,732,901 Robot cleaner
45 8,732,899 Vacuum cleaner