LG Electronics patents granted on 27 November 2012

35 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D671,697 Vacuum cleaner
2 D671,695 Vacuum cleaner
3 D671,572 Refrigerator
4 D671,531 Earphone
5 D671,513 Television receiver
6 8,321,811 Method and apparatus for controlling multi-tasking operation for terminal device provided with touch screen
7 8,321,673 Method and terminal for authenticating between DRM agents for moving RO
8 8,321,212 Terminal and method for supporting multi-language
9 8,320,972 Mobile communication terminal and method of connecting call thereof
10 8,320,945 Apparatus and method of performing measurements logging in wireless communication system
11 8,320,918 Method for reselecting a cell and detecting whether a terminal is stationary in mobile telecommunications system
12 8,320,915 Method and apparatus for performing cell reselection in wireless communication system
13 8,320,908 Scanning neighboring base stations in wireless access system
14 8,320,907 Method for performing cell search procedure in wireless communication system
15 8,320,742 Method and apparatus for playing data between external device and TV set
16 8,320,734 Recording medium having a data structure for managing graphic information and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
17 8,320,498 Digital television transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
18 8,320,488 Method for transmitting and receiving signals in open-loop spatial multiplexing mode
19 8,320,485 VSB transmission system
20 8,320,456 Method and apparatus for processing a video signal
21 8,320,453 Method for modeling coding information of a video signal to compress/decompress the information
22 8,320,434 Encoding uplink acknowledgments to downlink transmissions
23 8,320,342 Method of managing carriers in a broadband wireless access system
24 8,320,336 Method for transmitting and receiving control channel with additional information
25 8,320,314 Method for efficiently performing initial access in a multi-carrier broadband wireless access system
26 8,319,912 Display apparatus
27 8,317,936 Steam dish washer
28 8,317,495 Linear compressor
29 8,317,387 Light emitting diode package, and backlight unit and display device using the same
30 8,317,364 Lighting apparatus
31 8,317,275 Laundry device
32 8,316,838 Burner and cooking device
33 8,316,673 Apparatus of supplying and discharging fluid and method of operating the same
34 8,316,661 Ice making device for refrigerator
35 8,316,507 Vacuum cleaner and dust separating apparatus thereof