LG Electronics patents granted on 27 October 2009

28 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D602,895 Cellular phone
2 7,610,496 Controlling heat generated by a central processing unit utilizing battery power management modes when power supply is limited
3 7,610,442 Dual journaling store method and storage medium thereof
4 7,610,363 Method of allocating an internet protocol address in a broadband wireless access system
5 7,610,359 Method and apparatus for reproducing data recorded on an interactive recording medium in conjunction with associated auxiliary data recorded in multiple locations
6 7,610,069 Side sliding type mobile terminal
7 7,610,068 Radio modem terminal for mobile communication
8 7,610,043 Duplicate notification message processing method in terminal
9 7,610,041 Apparatus and method for managing messages of a wireless communications terminal
10 7,610,039 Coding method of mobile user equipment
11 7,609,945 Recording medium, and method and apparatus for reproducing data from the recording medium
12 7,609,943 Method and apparatus of recording graphic data on a recording medium
13 7,609,940 Display device and method for recording and replaying broadcasting program therein
14 7,609,939 Method and apparatus of reproducing data recorded on recording medium and local storage
15 7,609,768 Video buffer control apparatus for dual video decoding and digital broadcasting receiver thereof
16 7,609,711 Communicating program rejection information in broadcast-multicast mobile communication system
17 7,609,638 Message transmission in wireless access system
18 7,609,604 Recording medium with intermittent or alternate wobbled pits and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
19 7,609,323 Camera module for mobile communication device, mobile communication device using the same, and method for controlling the same
20 7,609,283 Plasma display apparatus and image processing method thereof
21 7,609,221 Antenna assembly and portable terminal having the same
22 7,609,161 Radio frequency identification data processing system
23 7,608,999 PDP having a firing electrode
24 7,607,743 Home-bar door stopping structure for refrigerator
25 7,607,742 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
26 7,607,326 Drum type washing machine and bearing housing structure thereof
27 7,607,311 Method for controlling amount of refrigerant of dual type unitary air conditioner
28 7,607,251 Air conditioner