LG Electronics patents granted on 27 September 2016

48 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D767,837 Washing machine
2 D767,836 Washing machine
3 D767,835 Door for washing machine
4 D767,649 Refrigerator
5 D767,526 Cellular phone
6 D767,525 Cellular phone
7 D767,521 Cellular phone
8 D767,520 Cellular phone
9 D767,519 Cellular phone
10 9,456,525 Digital signage
11 9,456,456 Grouping-based data transceiving method in wireless LAN system and apparatus for supporting same
12 9,456,455 Method of transmitting feedback information in a wireless communication system
13 9,456,440 Method and device for providing control information for uplink transmission in wireless communication system supporting uplink multi-antenna transmission
14 9,456,439 Method for transmitting channel state information in wireless access system
15 9,456,424 Method for controlling transmission power, and apparatus for same
16 9,456,419 Method and apparatus for applying a discontinuous reception (DRX) cycle in a wireless communication system
17 9,456,381 Method of selectively applying a PDCP function in wireless communication system
18 9,456,375 Method for transmitting data from terminal in wireless communication system, and device for same
19 9,456,359 Method for reporting channel status information in a multi-cell cooperative wireless communication system, and device for same
20 9,456,352 Method and apparatus for transmitting interference information
21 9,456,332 Method, base station and user equipment for performing D2D service in wireless communication system
22 9,456,329 Method and apparatus for disabling an illegal device in a wireless LAN system
23 9,456,265 Electronic device and control method thereof
24 9,456,234 Broadcasting signal transmission device, broadcasting signal reception device, and method for transmitting/receiving broadcasting signal using same
25 9,456,233 Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
26 9,456,221 Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
27 9,456,205 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal
28 9,456,167 Method of transmitting and receiving broadcast signal and apparatus for receiving broadcast signal
29 9,456,166 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
30 9,456,130 Apparatus for processing a service and method thereof
31 9,456,062 Mobile terminal
32 9,456,028 Terminal and controlling method thereof
33 9,455,857 Method for transmitting data unit in wireless LAN system and device for supporting same
34 9,455,814 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data
35 9,455,813 Method and apparatus for transceiving data in a wireless communication system which supports a plurality of component carriers
36 9,455,809 Method for transceiving downlink control information in a wireless access system and apparatus therefor
37 9,455,801 Method and apparatus for efficiently transmitting control information to support uplink multiple antenna transmission
38 9,455,776 Method and apparatus for configuring a transmission mode for a backhaul link transmission
39 9,455,748 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
40 9,455,380 High color rendering light emitting device including different phosphors
41 9,454,898 Portable device, smart watch, and method of controlling therefor
42 9,454,799 Device and control method for the device
43 9,454,301 Mobile terminal controlled by at least one touch and method of controlling therefor
44 9,454,179 Mobile terminal
45 9,454,067 Laser projector
46 9,453,651 Air conditioner with ionizer
47 9,453,299 Home appliance, home appliance system, and method for operating same
48 9,452,526 Robot cleaner