LG Electronics patents granted on 28 December 2010

27 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,861,280 Data structure for application information table, methods of transmitting and receiving broadcast signal, and digital television receiver
2 7,861,268 Method of processing broadcast signal in television receiver and television receiver using the same
3 7,861,220 Method for generating adaptive usage environment descriptor of digital item
4 7,861,184 Method for displaying menu items in a mobile device
5 7,860,538 Mobile terminal
6 7,860,109 Host device interfacing with a point of deployment (POD) and a method of processing broadcast data
7 7,860,087 Distinguishing between protocol packets in a wireless communication system
8 7,860,078 Method of transmitting feedback information in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)/ OFDM access (OFDMA) mobile communication system
9 7,860,077 Method of transmitting feedback information in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)/OFDM access (OFDMA) mobile communication system
10 7,860,039 Apparatus and method for establishing radio bearer of mobile terminal
11 7,859,964 Method and apparatus of adjusting focusing servo in optical disc device
12 7,859,963 Method and apparatus for adjusting recording power for optical disk device
13 7,859,801 Control apparatus for linear compressor
14 7,859,596 DTV receiving system and method of processing DTV signal
15 7,859,553 Image navigation in a mobile station
16 7,859,515 Continuous click apparatus of mobile communication terminal and method for executing the same
17 7,859,487 Image display device and method of controlling an image display device
18 7,859,485 Plasma display panel
19 7,858,435 Organic electro-luminance device and method for fabricating the same
20 7,858,426 Method of texturing solar cell and method of manufacturing solar cell
21 7,858,249 Power supply apparatus and method for line connection type fuel cell system
22 7,857,908 Dishwasher and controlling method thereof
23 7,857,878 Dust collection unit for vacuum cleaner
24 7,856,973 Cooking appliance
25 7,856,972 Apparatus for ventilation in a radiation gas range
26 7,856,844 Cooling air supply apparatus of refrigerator
27 7,856,840 Dehumidifier