LG Electronics patents granted on 28 July 2009

17 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,568,024 Method for deciding network manager in home network
2 7,567,748 Method and apparatus for creating and using search information
3 7,567,486 Slim type optical pick-up actuator
4 7,567,396 Variably focusing mirror driven by electromagnetic force and operating method thereof
5 7,567,367 Micro-mirror device and array thereof
6 7,567,305 Method for selecting preference channel and digital TV using the same
7 7,567,283 Rotary camera for mobile communication device
8 7,567,226 Method and apparatus for driving a plasma display panel
9 7,567,224 Device and method for driving a plasma display panel
10 7,567,033 Barrier rib structure of plasma display panel and lower plate structure using the same
11 7,567,029 Organic electro-luminescence display device and fabricating method thereof
12 7,567,025 Plasma display panel apparatus with a film filter on panel
13 7,566,206 Linear compressor for multi-stage compression
14 7,566,135 Light tunnel of DLP projection system
15 7,565,822 Washing machine using steam and method for controlling the same
16 D597,065 Audio component
17 D597,049 Cellular phone