LG Electronics patents granted on 28 October 2014

49 US patents granted on 28 October 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,225 Apparatus and method for providing, retrieving, and using data guide information supplied in a digital vestigial sideband signal
2 RE45,217 Semiconductor light emitting device with transparent electrode having holes
3 D716,349 Refrigerator
4 D716,334 Display of mobile phone with transitional graphical user interface
5 D716,286 Case for mobile phones
6 D716,278 Speaker for television receiver
7 D716,276 Television receiver
8 D716,266 Speaker for home theater
9 D716,265 Speaker for home theater
10 D716,264 Home theater woofer speaker
11 D716,262 Speaker for home theater
12 D716,261 Speaker for home theater
13 D716,260 Speaker for home theater
14 D716,253 Mobile phone
15 D716,252 Mobile phone
16 D716,251 Cellular phone
17 D716,244 Television receiver
18 D716,243 Television receiver
19 8,875,211 Method of receiving a broadcasting signal and receiving system for receiving a broadcasting signal
20 8,875,191 Device for reproducing content and method thereof
21 8,874,683 Method of processing non-real time service and broadcast receiver
22 8,874,608 Mobile terminal and method of searching a contact in the mobile terminal
23 8,874,268 Robot cleaner
24 8,874,179 Mobile terminal
25 8,874,121 Method for informing user equipment of downlink control message construction information in cellular system
26 8,874,032 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
27 8,873,673 Method and apparatus for information transmission in a radio communication system
28 8,873,658 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using a plurality of carriers
29 8,873,649 Method and apparatus for generating code sequence in a communication system
30 8,873,628 Electronic device and method of operating the same
31 8,873,582 Method for transmitting PPDU in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same
32 8,873,509 Efficient handover method in broadband wireless access system
33 8,873,493 Method and apparatus of transmitting uplink signal
34 8,873,476 Method for network entry in a wireless communication system
35 8,873,463 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a relay communication system
36 8,873,459 Method of random access in a wireless system
37 8,873,458 Receiver for interleave division multiplexing cooperative diversity and power allocation algorithm thereof
38 8,873,446 Method and apparatus for supporting multicast of AV data in a network
39 8,873,423 Method of controlling connection between nodes in digital interface
40 8,873,415 Method for transmitting sounding reference signal in wireless communication system and apparatus for same
41 8,872,900 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
42 8,872,796 Mobile terminal and operation control method thereof
43 8,872,757 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
44 8,872,735 Head mounted display for adjusting audio output and video output in relation to each other and method for controlling the same
45 8,872,730 Portable device and method for controlling the same
46 8,872,391 Electronic device and method of controlling the same
47 8,871,323 Vacuum insulation member, refrigerator having vacuum insulation member, and method for fabricating vacuum insulation member
48 8,869,568 Washing machine
49 8,869,421 Control technology for clothes treatment apparatus